Sunday, February 26, 2012

More iPad Photos

Porter's been playing a little B-ball and loving it.  He's pretty timid on the court but he really enjoys playing and since we started bribing him with quarters he's gotten a little more aggressive.  He even managed to make the first basket of the ONLY game they won!  He was pretty stoked, as were his parents.  Porter also turned 9 this week (party pictures to follow)! 
Bennett has been keeping us in stitches.  He has such a funny personality.  The night these pictures were taken he wanted to look "cool" so he kept coming up to us with different accessories of coolness until I just had to snap a picture of the epitome of "cool".  Bennett is also super interested in Power Rangers as of late (much to my dismay).  I keep trying to convince him to watch Curious George or Kipper but all he wants is Power Rangers.  He also loves to ask me "why do we have to listen to parents" "why does Jesus want us to listen to parents" "why can't we just do what we want to do".  Tough concepts for a 4 year old.
Maya's new nick name is Jinx-e-cat.  She loves to get you to sing a song with her and then yell JINX when you say the same words as her (I personally think that is cheating but what do I know).  She also has a fondness for the game Ticket to Ride.  We downloaded the iPad app and we are all hooked.  The digital version is so much easier than the board game because 1-the computer does all the math for you and 2-little brothers can demolish a board game in on swoop.

Miles has been up to his same mischievous ways.  Talk about terrible twos!  It's a good think he's so stinking cute because he can sure be a stinker.  A few weeks after Christmas he broke his Night Fury DVD trying to get it out of the DVD case (he's strictly forbidden from touching the DVD's) so last week I decided he'd learned his lesson and bought him another copy only to have him break it again this morning Arrr. 
Ender got his ear tubes and still seems to be unable to kick the crummies.  I really hope that come summer all his worries will be forgotten.  He just keeps getting little colds and now that he has the ear tubes he gets some pretty wicked drainage coming from his ears (sorry if that's too graphic for some audiences).  He has his follow up appointment this week so we'll see what they have to say.  We all love having this little guy around.  This morning Porter was telling me that he let Ender play with his littlest basketball he said "Ender was just chewing and chewing on it, he's so cute I can't hardly stand it!"  I would have to say Ender's favorite hobby right now is playing in the trash.  He also loves being carried around all the time.  Luckily he's a little guy and fairly easy to lug around.