Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I need to get my REAL camera out!

I've been totally relying on my iPad camera and it's not a good thing!!!  I love having it and I love instagram, but because its so easy, I haven't gotten my real camera out in a very long time!!!  I keep thinking I'm really going to regret it if these instagram pictures print off poorly!  Anyway, whats done is done, and I'm setting a goal to use my real camera at least once this week.  Which should be quite an accomplishment seeing as we are moving!!!  We finally got a house and are forcasted to close this Friday!!!  Yippie! Some of the big events portrayed by this instagram installment: Summer haircuts (for everyone but Porter and Casey), home made popsickles, Porter lost a tooth, trip to COSI (we got a family pass), homemade playdoh, Bennett learned to ride a two-wheeler!!!, pinterest projects (cardboard guitar), school time, Miles' obsession with any aerosol can (he says they are spray on shoes), water fights with the awesome $ store water shooters, and a whole bunch of summer laziness.  We've also been participating in a summer reading program the kids school offers.  It's been so AWESOME.  They even provide dinner each night so I don't have to make dinners for the two weeks prior to our move (how awesome is that?)!  Summer seems to be zooming by and although sometimes I'm so glad when the day is over it's been fun overall.  And there are still lots of exciting things to look forward to!