Sunday, September 26, 2010

Devils Tower (playing catch up)

On our way back home from Washington we decided to break out trip up into three days of travel. The trip was fairly harmonious until on day two we woke up and went to eat breakfast in our hotel. You know how hotels have those little racks of tourist pamphlets strategically located near the continental breakfast nook? I typically try to distract Casey so he doesn't notice them and demand we make a stop in "Dinosaur Park" before heading out for the day. Well I was asleep on the job and he found the rack of pamphlets (YIKES). Not only did he decided to go on a harebrained adventure, but he decided he had "ALWAYS wanted to see Devils Tower", which happened to be backtracking over an hour. Aargh. I'm not one to squash someones dream of "ALWAYS wanting to see Devils Tower" and after hearing "We'll never be this close to Devils Tower again" 8 million times I finally gave in and braced myself for the adventure. It turned out to be an OK trip, and we did eventually make it home, so what am I complaining about?
Don't you wish you were there?
Whats a state park without a little teepee?
Handsome man.

I guess Porter didn't think it was all it was cracked up to be. My thoughts exactly.
Don't fret, Porter didn't actually puncture his neck with that big stick. It's an illusion.
Cute little curly Maya. She loves everything nature.
Porter capturing the moment with his lego camera.
Bennett found a nice quiet spot to sit and think.

Maya trying to feed the prairie dogs.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Post Wedding Relaxation

We only stayed one day after the wedding, but we made the most of that day by spending lots of time in the pond. Casey stocked the pond with fish for the wedding and we wanted to get them use to the wildlife. Surprisingly none of the fish died of heart attacks, or plastic bag smothering.
Group shot, aren't we something. It's too bad you can't see Maya's outfit a little better. She's wearing Bennett's spider man pajama top, and some striped leggings. Pretty stylish if I do say so myself.
Ryan and Owen having a blast wading in the pond.
Isn't Ryan a cutie? Look at all that hair!
And Poppy got to spend a little time doing his absolute favorite past time *YARD WORK* oh happy day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Malerie and Bryce's Wedding

Ok, I feel really awful, but I didn't get hardly any pictures of Malerie or Bryce at their wedding. Everything was beautiful but a little hectic so I slacked in my duties as self appointed bonus photographer. Luckily the girl who did the pictures was great, but unlucky for me, my blog coverage of the event is pretty pathetic. Sorry guys...
I did manage to get pictures of the candy bar. What is it with me and candy bars? I just think they are fabulous.
And I got some pictures of the beautiful flowers.
And a few pictures of the crazy kids on the trampoline (I actually think Casey took the rest of these pictures, but whatever).
A few pictures of the delicious food. (I know it's tacky to let your kids hang around the fruit and veggie trays like little scavengers, but I was oblivious. Like I said, Casey took these pictures. Blame him:))
And one lonely little dancing shot. Check out the face Bryce is making. The whole pose is just Hilarious!
And last but not least a lovely picture of Maya and Casey's Grammy. I love these ladies, they are truly wonderful.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


While we were in Spokane we all took a day and visited a local amusement park. It was a great day!
Bryce was subjected to some abuse from Bennett riding on his shoulders but he was a good sport about it. And Bennett was in heaven.
He even got a little drowsy waiting for the train ride, but luckily he had a comfy place to rest his head.
Rob and Brisa took over Miles duty, I think they were wanting a little practice before their little one came. Even though we were all certain Brisa would deliver during Maleries wedding, she contained herself.
Look at that sweet little fluff head. He's such a sweet guy.
Porter, such a big fellow. I love that kid.
It's always smart to start the day slathering the gang in sunscreen.
Bennett couldn't contain his excitement when the train finally came.
Miles had a hard time missing his naps, but I think all the fun was worth it.
The water in the water park was pretty chilly, so the kids would relax on the the concrete to warm up a bit in between dunks.
Poppy bought us all ice cream. Ice Cream could be the fastest way to all our hearts.
We even ate our ice creams on the train ride.
Look at that handsome ice cream eating man. I love that guy.
Grammy and Poppy really enjoyed the train ride too.
Porter and Grammy got a little wild on the Merry Go Round
This picture cracks me up, Brisa looks so beautiful, and Rob just looks kinda goofy. Sorry Rob.
The kids all loved the rides, even though the ride lines were a little long. Maya, Porter, and Bennett even rode a big roller coaster. They loved it.