Sunday, September 26, 2010

Devils Tower (playing catch up)

On our way back home from Washington we decided to break out trip up into three days of travel. The trip was fairly harmonious until on day two we woke up and went to eat breakfast in our hotel. You know how hotels have those little racks of tourist pamphlets strategically located near the continental breakfast nook? I typically try to distract Casey so he doesn't notice them and demand we make a stop in "Dinosaur Park" before heading out for the day. Well I was asleep on the job and he found the rack of pamphlets (YIKES). Not only did he decided to go on a harebrained adventure, but he decided he had "ALWAYS wanted to see Devils Tower", which happened to be backtracking over an hour. Aargh. I'm not one to squash someones dream of "ALWAYS wanting to see Devils Tower" and after hearing "We'll never be this close to Devils Tower again" 8 million times I finally gave in and braced myself for the adventure. It turned out to be an OK trip, and we did eventually make it home, so what am I complaining about?
Don't you wish you were there?
Whats a state park without a little teepee?
Handsome man.

I guess Porter didn't think it was all it was cracked up to be. My thoughts exactly.
Don't fret, Porter didn't actually puncture his neck with that big stick. It's an illusion.
Cute little curly Maya. She loves everything nature.
Porter capturing the moment with his lego camera.
Bennett found a nice quiet spot to sit and think.

Maya trying to feed the prairie dogs.


Sarah Harward said...

You are a MUCH better wife than I am! But then again, with mine and Steven's dynamic's I would have been the one wanting to go back an hour to see something and he would have been the one to 'just want to get home'. So I guess it all balances out! Cute pictures!

Searls Stuff said...

Sometimes those crazy side trips can be memorable, other times not so much. Ask your Dad if he remembers Shrine of the Pines in Michigan. It was one of those side trips that Grandma & Grandpa took us on. I thought it was fascinating!
I am glad your family arrived home safe and sound with tons of wonderful memories.

Jims Porter said...

Amanda, you're such a pushover.

"Game night... Duh!"

Doug and Mallena said...

You guys have been were all over the place this summer. Sounds like a lot of fun. Your kids are getting so big and so good looking. :)