Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break

We decided to be adventurous and head down to Lafayette for Spring break to spend a little QT with the cousins. Also Casey had to fly to Boston to attend the Harvard career fair, and then be back in Lafayette the next day for Purdue's career fair. The first day was beautiful and the kids had a blast playing together and riding bikes. Miles and Grant had a great time racing Toodle Bikes down the driveway.

But good times never last forever. The weather turned cold and gloomy, and the vomiting started. Porter and Grant woke up puking and things went down hill from there. It's must have been a super spreading virus because within three days all of us had a turn with the bug. No fun! Although as were were taking turns being sick those of us who were healthy took turns playing and cuddling. Porter and baby Ella sure were good friends.

Our last day there Casey took the kids to an art installment on Purdue campus where the artist had made a really cool playhouse out of willow branches. The kids got to run through the place and had a great time, and we actually remembered to bring the camera and document it.

Then we had to say good bye, but no tears were shed because the Harwards will be loading into their van in just a few days to be here on Friday when we welcome our new little one into the world. Yep, I'm being induced on April fools day. I know it's lame and believe me I fought it, but it seems like that's the day we're stuck with. I have gestational diabetes with this pregnancy, so they don't want to let me wait too long for fear I'll birth a toddler. Hopefully my next post will contain cute new baby pics (and dare we hope for a name?).

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's GREAT to be 8!

We had a big event in our family. Not just a birthday, but an eighth birthday. Porter was baptized on February 25th (the same day Nana and Grampy were baptized long ago)! He was very excited, as was the entire family. It was a great chance to get together. I slacked a little on the pictures. I really wanted to get a group photo, but the evening was a little chaotic and the little kids were tired, but at least I managed to get pictures with the grandparents.

We were lucky to have a lot of family in attendance. Even though James missed his flight from Salt Lake and we had to stall for about an hour. We were just glad he made it. Lucklie we had prepared food (sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit salad, and a chocolate and vanilla layered cake with a picture of Porter on it) so we just served the food first while we waited for James to get there. Also in attendance was Grammy and Poppy, Nana Grampy and Hanny, Sarah, Steven, Landon, Addie, Grant, and baby Ella, Brad and Jessica, James and his friend Hannah and of course Me, Casey, Maya, Bennett, and Miles. Porters friend Thula from Philadelphia and her mom Elaine even came.

It was great to have everyone together, and even more fun because we all stayed with my parents so we got to extend the party. When we got home we let Porter open his presents and he was happy to get a new set of scriptures and a cap gun (Me and Casey), a beautiful quilt and a star-wars movie (Grammy and Poppy), a gift card, his scouting uniform and book (Nana and Grampy), a cute handmade scripture case (Sarah and family) an IU sweatshirt (James friend Hannah) and cash from (Thula and Elaine). Grammy was great to play games with. Here they are all playing Stone Age, which is quite the feat when you are playing with 4 kids under 8.

These little yahoos were cute all playing together. Everyone had a great time together and we were sad to see them leave.

Probably the most exciting thing for Porter was becoming a SCOUT. He was so excited for it, and he was quite the little stud muffin in his uniform.