Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break

We decided to be adventurous and head down to Lafayette for Spring break to spend a little QT with the cousins. Also Casey had to fly to Boston to attend the Harvard career fair, and then be back in Lafayette the next day for Purdue's career fair. The first day was beautiful and the kids had a blast playing together and riding bikes. Miles and Grant had a great time racing Toodle Bikes down the driveway.

But good times never last forever. The weather turned cold and gloomy, and the vomiting started. Porter and Grant woke up puking and things went down hill from there. It's must have been a super spreading virus because within three days all of us had a turn with the bug. No fun! Although as were were taking turns being sick those of us who were healthy took turns playing and cuddling. Porter and baby Ella sure were good friends.

Our last day there Casey took the kids to an art installment on Purdue campus where the artist had made a really cool playhouse out of willow branches. The kids got to run through the place and had a great time, and we actually remembered to bring the camera and document it.

Then we had to say good bye, but no tears were shed because the Harwards will be loading into their van in just a few days to be here on Friday when we welcome our new little one into the world. Yep, I'm being induced on April fools day. I know it's lame and believe me I fought it, but it seems like that's the day we're stuck with. I have gestational diabetes with this pregnancy, so they don't want to let me wait too long for fear I'll birth a toddler. Hopefully my next post will contain cute new baby pics (and dare we hope for a name?).


emily a. said...

I hope all goes well with your delivery. I'm excited to see the little one and what name you choose!

Sierra Parke said...

The kids look so grown up Amanda! And I can't wait to see pics of the new little one. So excited to hear what name you choose too. Is this your first time with gestational diabetes? I had it with both Tennyson and Asher, but apparently don't have it with this pregnancy. Dr. Kessler sure didn't seem to care I practically birthed a toddler when I had Asher. Isn't it funny how some doctors will induce early because they don't want the baby to be too big, and others don't see it as a problem. So odd! I am so happy for your beautiful growing family and you look amazing. Thanks for the Boston emails too. Everything has been sooo helpful. :)

Elaine said...

I think that's so cool to have an April Fool's baby! I hope everything goes well for you. You and your sister look lovely together.

Lace and Joe said...

Love the picture of you and both look really good!