Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Shortie

My sister, Hanny, has been giving me a hard time about not blogging frequently enough (as if I'm not busy with 4 children, 3 days of packing left before we move, 2 busy baby boys at home all day, 1 hubby who is married to Harvard Graduate School of Design, and 1/2 a busy baby boy in my tummy making everything more difficult - but whatever), anyway in an attempt to make Hanny happy I'm going to share a few funny story about Maya (quite possibly my weirdest child).
Story #1
The other day I was combing Maya's hair after her bath, and thinking what a BEAUTIFUL little girl she is. She's had a few times where she has mentioned that she wanted to play with certain girls at school, and they told her she couldn't play with them. She never seems bothered by these instances (she's a lot like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter), but as the mother I'm bothered. I was thinking to myself "Who wouldn't want to play with Maya? She's cute and nice and friendly and so many other wonderful attributes" when she suddenly looked into the mirror, flared her nostrils, and said "hey, doesn't this look like a pig nose". Oh, that's why, she's weird.
Story #2
Maya came home from school and told me that she had to bring a dollar to school tomorrow because she was buying a pony from Jocelyn. I wasn't too concerned because I thought she meant a toy pony, but as the conversation progressed I discovered that Jocelyn lives on a farm and Maya had some sort of bargain with her that she would sell Maya a "real, white, pony named Snowflake" for a dollar. I tried to explain to Maya that a pony cannot live in her bedroom, and I thought she understood until the next day she came home and told me that she had given Jocelyn a dollar for a puppy (since she could keep a puppy in her bedroom). Lucky for us Jocelyn has yet to smuggle a puppy into the school.
Story #3
I was watching a show where the family home-schooled their children and they were talking about how their children were less influenced by fads and trends (They were buying shoes at a thrift store). I was fondly reflecting on my home-school days and thinking, "Yeah, that's one of the nice things about homeschooling, the kids are much less judgmental towards each other, and feel free to express their individual styles. Anything goes fashion wise". Then it suddenly dawned on me that Maya has been wearing a big furry Santa hat to school everyday this week. She doesn't just wear it to and from school (in lieu of her stocking cap) but leaves it on all day long. I thought about interfering until she told me that her friend Kimberly loves her hat and is going to wear one just like it tomorrow (I guess if Kimberly says it's ok...)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I miss the Fall

I think winter is starting to take it's toll on all of us. Bennett is resorting to creating his very own computer spaces and Miles is just running around all adorable like he doesn't even realize he's cooped up. Bennett is a total bath addict. He asks for a bath at least twice a day. It's sad when bath time is the highlight of your day. Miles has learned to jump. He jumps around like a cute little lunatic. We've started a reward system in which the kids can earn Service Stickers by doing services for one another. When they're Service Sticker chart is full they get a string of Christmas lights to hang in their bedroom. Pretty exciting, some of the services I've noticed are : trash being taken out (without asking), Porter shared his stocking treat with me and Miles, the other day he unloaded Maya's part of the dishwasher, Maya decided to play secret santa and leave fruit snacks in everyone's stockings. They seem to really like it, and I love the improved attitudes. Oh, the joys of bribery.

On another note, the storage space is reserved and Casey and Bennett took the first load over today. We're getting there. I'm thinking we will try to get everything loaded into the storage unit on the 18th, then we're out of here. Casey had his big presentation yesterday and I, for one, am glad it's over. He still has work to do, but we can breath a sigh of relief (hopefully no more absolutely absurd work schedules). I can't believe he's almost done. He's applied for a few Army Corp of Engineer jobs (I'm keeping my fingers crossed), and within the next few weeks we'll start job hunting in earnest. I'm praying the job will come quickly so the kids can get back into school, I can find a new OB, and we can start to settle ourselves into a new chapter of our lives. If it weren't for the uncertainty this would be totally exciting!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stir Crazy

We've been home bound for a few weeks now. With Casey working from 6am-12am every day we've been without a car. Porter and Maya spend the majority of the day at school (luckily we haven't missed the bus), and the babies and I putter around the house all day. Last night the kids were all jumping all over my bed (a huge pet peeve) and I turned around to yell at them and noticed they were all in their undies. They looked so cute I decided to allow the misbehavior and snap some pictures. Don't you love their "What Mom? We weren't doing anything wrong" Faces. Crazy little hooligans. Miles and Bennett both seem to be getting colds, but we were left with the car today so I could take the kids to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's and I'll be danged it a little snotty nose is going to keep us from all that fun.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Divorce and Heart Attacks

Well, tonight, I was laying in bed with Maya just talking and she asked why some daddys want to find new mommys, so of course we went into a lengthy discussion on why some people get divorced, and she was awful heartbroken at the concept. She started bawling about her Granny Helen who got divorced and how she didn't know her greatgrandfather and I had to explain to her that sometimes people don't want to get divorced, but the other person does and so it just happens. Trying to cheer her up, I told her about when I was about her age and had learned that one of my best friends parents had gotten divorced, I asked my mom if she and dad were ever going to get divorced and how she explained that they would always love each other and no matter what would stay together and how secure and happy that made me feel. I then went on to explain that my Grammy had gotten divorced when she was young and had 5 young boys to raise and how a great man named Golden Charles Elmer stepped into my father's life and became his dad and how much he loved him, and this seemed to cheer Maya up...until I mentioned that I did not really know him because he died when I was 3. Well of course she wanted to know why, and I explained that he died because he had a heart attack and of course she started balling again saying, "I don't want you to die" and "What's a heart attack" and eager to change the subject, I explained in the simplest terms I thought she would understand, that a heart attack is when you heart has to work too hard because you ate too much butter and salt, to which she bawled louder, "I don't want to have a heart attack!" What can I say, the girl likes salt and butter and I guess I should have picked my words a little more carefully, but I was able to eventually calm her down.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Actual Thanksgiving Pictures

We may not have gotten any pictures of the real turkey, but we got some pictures of these two turkey (and I happen to enjoy looking at them more anyway).

Porter got his first shiner at a friends house. I guess they were playing and the friends little brother and Porter ran into each other. The brothers head hit Porter in the eye brow. At first it just looked a little swollen and red, then it turned into this. And here is Maya showing off her new antlers. What a weird-o.

Old Pictures/New News

These pictures are from awhile back, I just never got around to loading them onto the blog, and as I sat here thinking "I really should post something about Thanksgiving" I decided to stick them in also. We had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner although we missed our families. This was our first year staying by oursleves. I was really dreading it and started panicking when I realized I'd have to touch the TURKEY (does it get any grosser than that?). I've decided that pilgrim housewives must have united and invented Thanksgiving for the soul purpose of only having to prepare a turkey ONCE a year (they just threw the thankful stuff in afterward to make it sound more legit). After about three phone calls to my mom I finally got the entire meal prepared and it was pretty much just like I remember it. Nothing turned out weird. Bennett helped me make the pumpkin pies and the sweet potatoes, and Maya helped prepare the green bean casserole, the rolls, and the mashed potatoes. We got to have Casey all to ourselves the entire day, and (although he's back at school today) it was wonderful. I'll be glad when school is over, and I know he will too.

Now we really have to get ourselves into Christmas mode. Porter told me today that he knew just the place for our Christmas tree, I reminded him that we were not going to put up a Christmas tree because we'd be packing all our stuff and going to Nana and Grampy's house. We'll just enjoy their tree. We may have to create some festive decorations so the kids don't feel too neglected. We have been blaring the Christmas tunes, so that helps with the spirit around here too.

In other news Casey has started submitting job applications (stressful yet exciting). I can't wait to find out what will happen to us. I am (not so) secretly hoping for a Army Corp of Engineer job, but I keep praying that we'll get whatever job will be best for our family. I know the Lord knows better than we do, but incase he want's to know my preference I'll be happy to oblige. Also we had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and found out we will be blessed with another little Elmer boy. Missy was a little sad. She loves her brothers, but was really hoping for a sister. She may have cried a bit when I told her it was another boy, but she got over it quickly and is now just enjoying looking at pictures of Baby Ella (her new cousin). Now for the naming of this little guy. I seriously have a fondness for the names Hank, and Ender. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to go with Ender for real, but I think Ender Elmer has a nice ring to it. Casey it leaning towards Harvey, and the kids keep suggesting totally normal names like Jack, Alex, basically all names of friends from their classes. We'll keep thinking I'm but the poor guy will probably still be nameless two days after he gets here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Goodies?

Ok, so by no means are they GREAT, but they are good enough and at least I don't feel like my entire efforts were a waste. Some peoples pictures turned out better than others, but we could always try again...or not!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My only goal for today...

I simply wanted a few pictures of the kids. One of each kid individually for our wall (judging from the pictures on our walls you'd think we only have two children), and one of them all together for my dads office desk. I think I just have the kind of kids that are darn cute in real life, but not so photogenic.

It wasn't from lack of preparation either. I put a lot of though and energy into picking their clothes out (and Maya never took her sweatshirt off), and fixing their hair (Maya's hair got snagged on every low hanging branch on the hike to the photo spot, and the boys rough housed their spikes into submission). I think next time we'll just cough up the $8.00 it cost to have their pictures done at WalMart. They may not look the best, but they'll sure be a heck of a lot less hassle.

I did get a few cute individual shots, but as for the group photo... sorry dad, I just don't think it's happening.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Babies, you'd be better off rasin' tomatoes!"

I was cleaning the kitchen last night and turned around to find Miles like this:

He thought he was pretty hot stuff, and as soon as Porter and Maya saw what he was doing, they both grabbed the nearest marker and dropped to their tummy's to follow suit.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bennett Turns Three!

Bennett had a great birthday, everything he could have wanted and more. He had a wonderful cake with all his favorite TV pals (Barny, Kipper, and the Backyardagains). He got to go to Ikea and got all kinds of fun and exciting presents. He got two Thomas trains (from Mom and Dad), Matchbox cars (From Porter and Maya), a tea set, a play rug that looks like a little town for his cars, a cool motorcycle toy (Porter is totally jealous of this present), and a monster truck (all from Grammy and Poppy). He is such an amazing little guy. I feel blessed to have him in our family.

For Bennetts birthday we also went on a Duck Tour of Boston. We all had a great time! Not a single kid is looking at the camera in this picture, what are the odds? The Duck Tour was a great way to take in the sights of the city with our actually traipsing all over town. The guide was great and the information was varied making in fun and informative. They even let the kids drive the boat once it was in the water (did I mention that the tour vessel goes from driving along the streets of Boston, to putting along the Charles River?).

Some of the things we loved about Bennett as a two year old are his amazing personality. He's the kid that will randomly walk over to me and look at me with his sweet brown eyes and say "Mom, you look wonderful". His vocabulary, it's constantly growing and he is constantly pushing the limits with it. The other day he dropped a thumb tack in the bed and I said "Are you setting a booby trap?". He gasped and asked "Did you say booby?" (Booby is a no no in our house). I told him I didn't say booby, I said booby trap and booby trap is OK. Later that night I heard him say Poop (another no no) and said "Bennett, we don't say poop". He quickly told me "I didn't say poop, I said poop trap". What can I say, the kid is hilarious. Bennett is a great kid to have around, he is usually so mellow and easy to get along with. As a two year old we finally broke him of his chocolate milk habit, but he still enjoys drinking more than eating. He loves milk, juice, and egg nog (which he calls egg milk). He also has quite the sweet tooth and I often catch him climbing onto the top of the refrigerator to scavenge for snacks. He is always so thoughtful and I'll usually catch Miles walking around with a sucker that Bennett has given him. He loves reading books, any books, and will want you to read the same book to him over and over again. He is obsessed with his cousin Addie. He is always wanting to go play with her (unfortunately they live so so so far away). Similarly he loves Sarah and will sometimes tell me "I'm Sarah's boy". I have to say "No you are MY boy" and he then tells me "You can share me". On a slightly negative note, Bennett is the WORST to share a bed with. Many a night he'll end up in our bed, and he flops around incessantly and drives me and Casey nuts, but we sure cherish the time we get to spend with this sweet little boy of ours (even if we do receive the occasional foot to the face). We are excited to see what life with this little three year old brings...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A few tid bits from Halloween

Alright so my plans to redress the children in their Halloween costumes and get gorgeous pictures of them outside in the beautiful fall weather failed miserably due to the fact that its been raining here pretty much continually. Blagh! Anyway I scraped together these beauties for you...

We did some pumpkin carving and the kids taught me a new game called "DON'T EAT PETE". We had a great time playing that (minus the fact that Maya was terrified by the yelling). So the concept for "DON'T EAT PETE" is to make a grid ours was 3x5, then you put one candy in each square. One player closes their eyes and another player points to one of the candies, thus selecting it as Pete. The player who closed their eyes then comes back and begins eating the candies, slowly, one and at time. Once they go to take the candy that was designated as Pete the entire group yells "DON'T EAT PETE". It was pretty funny because when Bennett went he cleared the entire board without eating Pete until the very end. He's a genuine.

Grammy bought the kids a pack of Finger Fries. Disgusting. Not only did they look gross they tasted bad too. That's what Miles is sucking on, that kid has no taste buds.

As far as costumes go, this year Porter was a Boston Red Sox player (for the apartment complex party) and William Wallace (for the Ward Trunk or Treat, I'm not sure that's an appropriate costume for a Mormon Halloween party, but the missionaries all knew who he was:)), Maya was a Bumblebee, Bennett was a farmer (for the party) and a Lobster (for the Trunk or Treat, we found the costume at TJ Max for like $8, and it was perfect for him seeing as he's terrified of all things from the sea. He loved having those little pincers), and Miles was The Flash (Bennett's costume from last year). Our apartment complex hosted a Halloween Part with pizza and all kinds of treats and activities. Casey was working and I tried to take the kids myself (so that is why there is only one really crapy picture from that party). It was super crowded and Miles was all over the place so we only stayed for an hour. Poor Maya just couldn't understand why we had to leave. As for the ward party, we got out of the house a little late on the night of the Trunk or Treat and basically missed most of it, but they had a good time anyway. Then since Halloween was on a Sunday we stayed home and played games and let the kids pass out candy. We also made caramel apples, which Casey loves so so much. He cracks me up!