Friday, November 26, 2010

Old Pictures/New News

These pictures are from awhile back, I just never got around to loading them onto the blog, and as I sat here thinking "I really should post something about Thanksgiving" I decided to stick them in also. We had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner although we missed our families. This was our first year staying by oursleves. I was really dreading it and started panicking when I realized I'd have to touch the TURKEY (does it get any grosser than that?). I've decided that pilgrim housewives must have united and invented Thanksgiving for the soul purpose of only having to prepare a turkey ONCE a year (they just threw the thankful stuff in afterward to make it sound more legit). After about three phone calls to my mom I finally got the entire meal prepared and it was pretty much just like I remember it. Nothing turned out weird. Bennett helped me make the pumpkin pies and the sweet potatoes, and Maya helped prepare the green bean casserole, the rolls, and the mashed potatoes. We got to have Casey all to ourselves the entire day, and (although he's back at school today) it was wonderful. I'll be glad when school is over, and I know he will too.

Now we really have to get ourselves into Christmas mode. Porter told me today that he knew just the place for our Christmas tree, I reminded him that we were not going to put up a Christmas tree because we'd be packing all our stuff and going to Nana and Grampy's house. We'll just enjoy their tree. We may have to create some festive decorations so the kids don't feel too neglected. We have been blaring the Christmas tunes, so that helps with the spirit around here too.

In other news Casey has started submitting job applications (stressful yet exciting). I can't wait to find out what will happen to us. I am (not so) secretly hoping for a Army Corp of Engineer job, but I keep praying that we'll get whatever job will be best for our family. I know the Lord knows better than we do, but incase he want's to know my preference I'll be happy to oblige. Also we had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and found out we will be blessed with another little Elmer boy. Missy was a little sad. She loves her brothers, but was really hoping for a sister. She may have cried a bit when I told her it was another boy, but she got over it quickly and is now just enjoying looking at pictures of Baby Ella (her new cousin). Now for the naming of this little guy. I seriously have a fondness for the names Hank, and Ender. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to go with Ender for real, but I think Ender Elmer has a nice ring to it. Casey it leaning towards Harvey, and the kids keep suggesting totally normal names like Jack, Alex, basically all names of friends from their classes. We'll keep thinking I'm but the poor guy will probably still be nameless two days after he gets here.


Sarah Harward said...

umm... where are the pictures of the turkey antlers? I'm waiting for the pictures!

emily a. said...

How did I miss out on a new baby? Congrats. That's so exciting. That last picture looks like a mini you.

I have a good friend who named their son Ender and it's really grown on me. Harvey is also pretty cute. When's your due date?

Peggy and Jeff said...

I love this picture of Maya!