Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving Again...

Our first year in Cambridge was spent in Harvard Housing. We lived in an apartment complex called Botanic Garden, and it was a really nice area, but because Harvard Housing only does one year contracts we had to move out and find a new place for next semester. We still haven't found a place for next semester, but at least we made it through the move out of Botanic Gardens alright.
My sweet sweet brother James came out to help with our move. I don't know what I would have done without him. He is AMAZING. He would watch the kids while I packed, then I'd watch the kids while he packed and he always got so much done (much more that I did). Pretty impressive, especially when you think he's a college kid, and not an experienced mover, and we're a big messy family. I sure love my brother.
The kids loved having him around too. James has so much energy and such fun ideas! He was a great sport even when we spent the entire day trying to take the T to the aquarium only to get lost and have Miles puking and running a fever the whole way (We ended up having to turn around and come straight home). James also took the kids outside and let them play with buckets of water and cups. They were so happy about that little game, and James took some cute pictures.
Bennett playing in the mulch. It looks like he's planting a little plant.

Maya got a little wet from the water war...
and so did Porter. Yes that is his real tooth.
Miles could have used a little splash of water to wake him up.

Maya cuddling with unkey James.
Our last night in our apartment we had everything packed up in the storage unit, so we all camped out on the floor. It was fun and the kids were so sweet.
One of the funniest parts of the packing experience was when we were trying to get everything packed up and ready to take to the storage unit. James and I had been pretty busy and Casey had been swamped with school, so once Casey was done with class James and I were relieved thinking we'd have some extra help. Then Casey mentioned that he was going to be going over to the Seeley's house and I said "Why?", Casey replied with an incredulous "Amanda, GAME NIGHT duh" Lucklie he came to his senses and skipped game night because we were busy up until the last second. It's a miracle we made it, but we finally got on the road...
We left a little early and drove all night, but it was so nice because the kids slept and we had James with us so we had three adult drivers.
We braced ourselves and put on our game faces in preparation for the trip.

When we finally made it to Nana and Grampy's house we all were able to crash for a little while before all the fun started. I've already posted pictures of the wedding and the trip to Holliday World, but there will be more posts of "all the fun" to follow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Maya's 6th Birthday Party

We were driving from Cambridge to Indiana on Maya's birthday, but a few days after Brad and Jessica's wedding the whole Porter/Elmer/Harward/and friends clan loaded up the cars and headed for Santa Clause Indiana to celebrate Maya and Addie's birthdays at Holiday World!
Holdiay world was a wonderful place. There was FREE soda and FREE sunscreen, and wonderful rides for kids of all ages. The staff was friendly, everything was clean, and we had great company. What a wonderful way to spend the day!
The birthday girls Maya and Addie, in their matching owl shirts Nana bought them (Landon and Porter also had matching shirts, and Bennett, Miles and Grant had matching shirts too), with their friend Abby.
The kids loved all the rides. They were all very adventurous and no one hesitated to ride anything.
Porter was had a great time riding the kiddie rides, but he also rode one of the big roller coasters with us. A few times he covered his eyes, but at the end he said "THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME."
Maya was just a smidge too short to ride the big coasters, but she had a wonderful time riding everything else.
There was a kid version of the big drop ride so we put them all on the ride and watched their little faces go from excited and happy (check out the look on Porter's face) to...
terrified horror, and uncertainty, and back to enjoyment again (look at Maya. She can't decide weather she should laugh or cry).
Bennett was really the perfect age for the Christmas town rides. He had this cute little elfish smile on his face. He was ecstatic!
After a full and busy semester, it's been really nice to have Casey around again. It sure makes my work load a little lighter, and my heart a little happier.
One of the many reasons I love Maya is that she is so helpful. Look at her trying to help Bennett put his buckle on so they could ride the bullet ride together. It was pretty precious.
Now they are all ready to go.
We had ton's of fun on the scrambler. It was by far the most ridden ride. Casey, Bennett and Porter loved it...
Nana loved it, Landon and Addie loved it...
And even I loved it!
For the majority of the day it was pretty overcast, but by the end of the day it started warming up, and we got to play in a few of the fountains. Maya loved it best of all.

We were the first people to arrive at the park, and the last to leave, but before we left a few brave souls took a ride on the water ride. It was pretty funny because Sarah said "I hate getting wet" and after assuring her that she wouldn't get THAT wet she boarded the boat. Of course she was the person who got soaked, and Landon cried the whole time (and even a little while afterwards), but it was fun anyways.

As we were walking out of the park one of the workers was nice enough to snap a picture of us leaving. It sure was an awesome day to celebrate an awesome little girls birthday (ok, so she is pouting in the picture, but it's just because she didn't want to leave)!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wha'd You Say?

I walked by my parents garage and heard Maya saying "These have little bits of soda in them". I looked over to find her hovering over the recycle bin, sipping whatever she could from the empty soda pop cans. I told her not to and she said "But it's good!".

James was sneaking Ice Cream in the kitchen when Porter walked in and caught him in the act. Porter indignantly said "YOU RUDE MAN!" and wacked him in the head with a walking cane he had made of train track pieces.

We had a 'Teacher Appreciation" dinner and each kid had to say something about the teacher they invited. Porter stood up and looked around (we all thought he wasn't going to say anything, he looked embarrassed), then he said "I like Sister Reader because she's never cross." and sat down.

Maya "I love houses crawling with weeds" (she was referring to ivy) Porter "I think they're spooky"

Miles was leaning into the empty washing machine (we have a front loader) and when Bennett saw him he said, in a frantic voice "Miles, NO CHUBBY GUY, IT WILL WASH YOU!"

Bennett was wearing Porters snow boots and I said "Those are Porty's boots" and Bennett said "That's mines boots". We went back and forth for a while before he said, "actually humm...not mines"

I asked Maya what she had learned in church and she said "I don't really remember, but yester-Sunday I learned about blessings"

While driving in the car Bennett would lean forward in his car seat with his arms outstretched and say "I flying like Night Fury"

Maya "Mom why is your belly so wrinkly?"

I asked Bennett if he was a boy or a girl and he said "I'm a GUY"

Porter prayed "...please help that the news reporters are wrong about the rainy day."

Names for McDonald's
Bennett- French fries house
Maya- Ol' McDonald's
Porter- Chickie Donald's

Bennett- "Jack Johnson's always my FAVORITE!"

Maya - "I think we may be able to pick a chill bump off our skin if we quickly pick one."

Maya decided to dry herself off using a blow dryer. A few minutes later she came to me crying and said "Mommy, do you have any cream?" I asked her what she needed cream for, she said "I burned myself". I got some burn cream and asked her where she burned herself and she pointed to her arm pit.

I was wearing my glasses (I NEVER wear them) and Bennett came in the room, did a double take, giggled, and said "You like Nana." I told Porter about this exchange and he said, "Yeah, you do look like Nana, but you don't smell like her".

We were driving home when Maya suddenly had to pee. Porter frantically started looking for a bottle for her to pee in. I said "That won't work, she doesn't have a penis". They both started laughing and Maya said "Yeah, I have privates".

We went to Cape Cod where there were tons of Motorcyclists out. Bennett kept pointing them out, and would say "Theres a motorcycle" even when there wasn't one. I would always say "Are you kidding me?" Then Nana said "Bennett, look, there is a motorcycle" and Bennett said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

We were at the beach and Porter was building a sand castle. Maya grabed the bucket and ran down to fill it with water. Porter said "Good idea Maya, that will make the walls better". Then Maya said "Actually I'm getting it to water my tree." Her tree was a stick burried in the sand.

I asked the kids to help me clean up-
Porter: But, I'm sick!
Maya: and I have the hiccups!

Bennett: I don't like Miles
Me: We love Miles
Bennett: He's gross
Me: Bennett, Miles is not gross
Bennett: He splat-o'd

After spending a good portion of the day in the rain, I got the kids ready to go to a party. As we were leaving Porter said "Mom, are you going to fix your hair? It's a little crazy in the back...I know you don't really like fixing it, it just doesn't look that good."

Anytime I tell Bennett I love him he says "You love me mommy?" then he'll go through everyone "You love Porty?" "You love Maya" "You love Miles" etc...

While fixing Bennett's hair for church.
Me- Bennett, who's cute?
B - Me cute.
Me- How does your hair look?
B- (In a tone of awe) It's BEAUTIFUL

Me-Bennett, do a dance
Bennett- I don't want do a dance.
Me- Why? Aren't you happy?
B- I not happy.
Me- Why aren't you happy?
B- My eye balls hurt.
Me- Do you want me to kiss them?
B- (Squishing his eyes closed and moving closer) Yes.

I caught Bennett taking off a poopy diaper. I said "No, no Bennett." He said "Thats no no trouble mom?" I said "yes that's trouble." He said "I don't want to go bed mom, I don't want to go bed mom (over and over again)" Then he said "I see my poop mom?"

Casey went into the kids room one morning to close their window. They said, "Dad, don't close the window, we like listening to the birds".

Bennett loves watching "Princess and the boat" movie, AKA The Little Mermaid.

We were walking into church behind an older couple when I caught the scent of perfume. I said "Something smells like flowers", and Maya said "I smell PRUNE JUICE!"

Casey was changing Miles diaper, and Bennett, who was watching said "It's full of toots, Daddy"

Porter talking to his 5 year old cousin: "Money speaks, I listen."

I asked Bennett to throw his gogurt wraper away and he stuck it in his mouth and said excitedly, "It's tasty"

Maya when talking about her stuffed sock snake "I excited (decided) to take the socks out and use toilet paper, and it's much more squishy"

Porter came in from playing outside, and when I asked where Maya was he told me "She's coming. She's licking nature."

Monday, May 17, 2010


We are in Louisville this week for Brad and Jessica's wedding. It was great, and I have the pictures to prove it (I've taken the liberty of including extra pictures of my kids. Since it's my blog I'm allowed to do that).
The Temple

Aunt Hannie watched the kids for us so we could attend the ceremony, then we came outside and waited for Brad and Jessica. I took a few pictures before they came out.

Maya loved Aunt Hannies bouquet, and Bennett just wanted to go home and ride his bike. What's new.

We sure are lucky to be a part of this wonderful family. It's always great to be together!

Brad and Jessica came out of the temple, and the smiles didn't leave their faces for the rest of the day! Everything was perfect, and they are perfect for each other.

Everything was so BEAUTIFUL, and the amazing thing about it was that Jessica made all of it herself! Check out the broach bouquet she made Hannie. I wish I would have gotten a close up of Jessica's, but I didn't. Each bouquet was unique and exquisite.

Brad was able to pry a few smiles from Bennett. Brad was so handsome and happy!

Grampy smooching on Addie, and Bennett checking out the toy in Grampy's hand. Brad and James looking pretty darn GQ.
Thank goodness for grandparents who take the time to entertain the wee ones.
Jessica and her sister. I thought Jessica's veil was so classic.

It was a warm day, and when Brad opened his jacket, he said "It's be super sweet if I had a bunch of guns in here". What a goof ball.
The Reception

Jessica collected all these really cool candy jars, and yummy candies to fill them with. It was one of my favorite things about the reception! So cute and really attractive.

Cutting the Cake

Jessica's mom made the cake! I think she said it was only her second time using fondant. It was really nice.

Strike a pose

Brad bustin' a move on the dance floor.

I just had to include a few pictures of my handsome hubby. What a stud!
The Gifts

Miles enjoyed watching the gifts being unwrapped
The Departure