Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Little Miles Overdose (9mo.)

I LOVE this baby, his sweet wispy baby hair, his chubby kissable cheeks, he pearly white teeth, the squishy rolls of chub, the faint smell of graham cracker, I love it all!

He found a snow saucer full of rain water and had a blast exploring it. It was a little cold, but I promise I brought him inside for a warm bath after he was done.

Miles has started giving kisses. It's pretty sweet, once he kisses me I say YEA and clap. He loves it.

It looks like he's blowing a kiss in the first picture, but he's just slurping rain water from his hands (it WAS fresh rainwater, does that make it okay?).

Miles has been pretty cranky the last week or so, and I took him into the doctor and had his ears checked, but they looked fine. Well today I discovered the reason for the crankiness -he's got a new tooth, now he has three on bottom and two big hippo teeth on top (My sister Sarah is the teething queen, she always knows when a kid is teething. I totally needed her this week).


Searls Stuff said...

He is one of the cutest little babies I have seen in a long time. Precious pictures!

Sarah Harward said...

I love those top teeth with the big gap! It reminds me of Addie's when her's first started coming in. And I could have told you from that second to last picture that he was teething. That's why you shouldn't have moved so far away from me!!! ;)

Nicole said...

I love that chubby guy!

Sarah Harward said...

I was showing Addie the pictures and she thought Miles had lost a tooth on the top and that's why there was a gap there. Silly girl! She also was picking out her pajama's tonight and told me that she wants to wear those pajamas so Maya can see them when you guys come. It's going to be a long week if she's already picking out what clothes she's going to wear!!!

Jims said...

Haha, Miles the baby hippo. I love that kid.

Shilowe said...