Friday, May 28, 2010

Maya's 6th Birthday Party

We were driving from Cambridge to Indiana on Maya's birthday, but a few days after Brad and Jessica's wedding the whole Porter/Elmer/Harward/and friends clan loaded up the cars and headed for Santa Clause Indiana to celebrate Maya and Addie's birthdays at Holiday World!
Holdiay world was a wonderful place. There was FREE soda and FREE sunscreen, and wonderful rides for kids of all ages. The staff was friendly, everything was clean, and we had great company. What a wonderful way to spend the day!
The birthday girls Maya and Addie, in their matching owl shirts Nana bought them (Landon and Porter also had matching shirts, and Bennett, Miles and Grant had matching shirts too), with their friend Abby.
The kids loved all the rides. They were all very adventurous and no one hesitated to ride anything.
Porter was had a great time riding the kiddie rides, but he also rode one of the big roller coasters with us. A few times he covered his eyes, but at the end he said "THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME."
Maya was just a smidge too short to ride the big coasters, but she had a wonderful time riding everything else.
There was a kid version of the big drop ride so we put them all on the ride and watched their little faces go from excited and happy (check out the look on Porter's face) to...
terrified horror, and uncertainty, and back to enjoyment again (look at Maya. She can't decide weather she should laugh or cry).
Bennett was really the perfect age for the Christmas town rides. He had this cute little elfish smile on his face. He was ecstatic!
After a full and busy semester, it's been really nice to have Casey around again. It sure makes my work load a little lighter, and my heart a little happier.
One of the many reasons I love Maya is that she is so helpful. Look at her trying to help Bennett put his buckle on so they could ride the bullet ride together. It was pretty precious.
Now they are all ready to go.
We had ton's of fun on the scrambler. It was by far the most ridden ride. Casey, Bennett and Porter loved it...
Nana loved it, Landon and Addie loved it...
And even I loved it!
For the majority of the day it was pretty overcast, but by the end of the day it started warming up, and we got to play in a few of the fountains. Maya loved it best of all.

We were the first people to arrive at the park, and the last to leave, but before we left a few brave souls took a ride on the water ride. It was pretty funny because Sarah said "I hate getting wet" and after assuring her that she wouldn't get THAT wet she boarded the boat. Of course she was the person who got soaked, and Landon cried the whole time (and even a little while afterwards), but it was fun anyways.

As we were walking out of the park one of the workers was nice enough to snap a picture of us leaving. It sure was an awesome day to celebrate an awesome little girls birthday (ok, so she is pouting in the picture, but it's just because she didn't want to leave)!


Kathy said...

That place was so fun and the pictures actually show how fun it was! I miss you all. I wish it wern't so hectic while you were here but we had fun at Holiday World and WICKED!! Love you all

Elaine said...

Glad you updated. I loved going to places like that when I was a kid. Looks like so much fun.

Angela said...

Ok That looks like TONS of fun. I cant believe the kids went on all those rides.

Searls Stuff said...

Your little ones are gutsy! That makes trips like this so much more enjoyable. I am so glad you had a chance during the wedding hustle and bustle to have fun.

emily a. said...

That does look like a ton of fun. Your hair is so long Amanda- I like it!

Nicole said...

That place looks like so much fun. I am glad Maya enjoyed her birthday bash so much she was all pouty when you guys left