Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving Again...

Our first year in Cambridge was spent in Harvard Housing. We lived in an apartment complex called Botanic Garden, and it was a really nice area, but because Harvard Housing only does one year contracts we had to move out and find a new place for next semester. We still haven't found a place for next semester, but at least we made it through the move out of Botanic Gardens alright.
My sweet sweet brother James came out to help with our move. I don't know what I would have done without him. He is AMAZING. He would watch the kids while I packed, then I'd watch the kids while he packed and he always got so much done (much more that I did). Pretty impressive, especially when you think he's a college kid, and not an experienced mover, and we're a big messy family. I sure love my brother.
The kids loved having him around too. James has so much energy and such fun ideas! He was a great sport even when we spent the entire day trying to take the T to the aquarium only to get lost and have Miles puking and running a fever the whole way (We ended up having to turn around and come straight home). James also took the kids outside and let them play with buckets of water and cups. They were so happy about that little game, and James took some cute pictures.
Bennett playing in the mulch. It looks like he's planting a little plant.

Maya got a little wet from the water war...
and so did Porter. Yes that is his real tooth.
Miles could have used a little splash of water to wake him up.

Maya cuddling with unkey James.
Our last night in our apartment we had everything packed up in the storage unit, so we all camped out on the floor. It was fun and the kids were so sweet.
One of the funniest parts of the packing experience was when we were trying to get everything packed up and ready to take to the storage unit. James and I had been pretty busy and Casey had been swamped with school, so once Casey was done with class James and I were relieved thinking we'd have some extra help. Then Casey mentioned that he was going to be going over to the Seeley's house and I said "Why?", Casey replied with an incredulous "Amanda, GAME NIGHT duh" Lucklie he came to his senses and skipped game night because we were busy up until the last second. It's a miracle we made it, but we finally got on the road...
We left a little early and drove all night, but it was so nice because the kids slept and we had James with us so we had three adult drivers.
We braced ourselves and put on our game faces in preparation for the trip.

When we finally made it to Nana and Grampy's house we all were able to crash for a little while before all the fun started. I've already posted pictures of the wedding and the trip to Holliday World, but there will be more posts of "all the fun" to follow.


Elaine said...

Ahhh! I can only imagine the mayhem. I'm glad that you guys are safe and sound now and I hope that you can come back for your last semester!

Searls Stuff said...

I am sure your mother is so happy to have your family around at this difficult time. Snuggling with a grandbaby can chase away many worries. I hope you find a place of your own soon. I love reading about your little family.