Monday, May 17, 2010


We are in Louisville this week for Brad and Jessica's wedding. It was great, and I have the pictures to prove it (I've taken the liberty of including extra pictures of my kids. Since it's my blog I'm allowed to do that).
The Temple

Aunt Hannie watched the kids for us so we could attend the ceremony, then we came outside and waited for Brad and Jessica. I took a few pictures before they came out.

Maya loved Aunt Hannies bouquet, and Bennett just wanted to go home and ride his bike. What's new.

We sure are lucky to be a part of this wonderful family. It's always great to be together!

Brad and Jessica came out of the temple, and the smiles didn't leave their faces for the rest of the day! Everything was perfect, and they are perfect for each other.

Everything was so BEAUTIFUL, and the amazing thing about it was that Jessica made all of it herself! Check out the broach bouquet she made Hannie. I wish I would have gotten a close up of Jessica's, but I didn't. Each bouquet was unique and exquisite.

Brad was able to pry a few smiles from Bennett. Brad was so handsome and happy!

Grampy smooching on Addie, and Bennett checking out the toy in Grampy's hand. Brad and James looking pretty darn GQ.
Thank goodness for grandparents who take the time to entertain the wee ones.
Jessica and her sister. I thought Jessica's veil was so classic.

It was a warm day, and when Brad opened his jacket, he said "It's be super sweet if I had a bunch of guns in here". What a goof ball.
The Reception

Jessica collected all these really cool candy jars, and yummy candies to fill them with. It was one of my favorite things about the reception! So cute and really attractive.

Cutting the Cake

Jessica's mom made the cake! I think she said it was only her second time using fondant. It was really nice.

Strike a pose

Brad bustin' a move on the dance floor.

I just had to include a few pictures of my handsome hubby. What a stud!
The Gifts

Miles enjoyed watching the gifts being unwrapped
The Departure


Searls Stuff said...

I have been waiting impatiently for pictures. Thank you for posting so quickly. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding with perfect weather.