Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guess who's a BIKE RIDER?

You guessed it, Maya Jane was officially declared a bike rider today! She got up the nerve to try riding yesterday, and did pretty well, but I told her we'd try again when Daddy was around to help. I gotta give it to Dad's, it's not as easy as it looks hunching over a bike holding onto a wobbly seat. I think her real motivation was when we told her we'd get her a basket for Sea Star (her bike) when she learned to ride.

It was pretty rainy, so we took advantage of the parking garage and she supervised as Daddy took off the training wheels. Monumental!

Then they cruised around the pillars for a while until it stopped raining and we could venture outside. She was a real champ, crusin' around like she owned the road! She started out riding around in the grass, but eventually got brave enough to try out the cement.

One of the memorable moments was when she was riding around pretty well on her own and all of a sudden we heard a loud musical "BONG" and looked up to realize she had ran smack dab into a metal pillar. She was sad at first, but after a while thought it was funny. Porter kept saying "I think you woke everyone up all the way down to Harvard Square". Oh, and check out her Velcro 'Nurses Shoes', I hate them, but hey, she picked them out.

She kept switching back and forth between Sea Star (whose chain kept falling off) and Stingray (Porter's bike). In the above picture she is holding her own on Stingray. After I took the babies in Casey took Porter and Maya on a longer bike ride over to a nearby park. Maya's chain kept falling off and she was getting discouraged when Porter said "Maya you can ride Stingray and I'll take Sea Star. I want you to be happy." What an angel!

I love this picture (i know it's grainy), her look of concentration, Dad waving in the background. Priceless.


Elaine said...

Yeah Maya! (And don't diss the nurse shoes! me and them go way back:-)

Sarah Harward said...

I wish Landon would figure it out!! Then again, we haven't worked with him for a while, but still, it's taken longer than a day and a half!!! Way to go Maya!!

Kathy said...

Good Job Maya. Maybe she needs a new "Stingray" for her upcoming birthday :) Hook that girl up.