Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raingutter Rigatta

Porter loves scouts so much. For their last activity they had the Raingutter Rigatta, and he had such a great time. His boat was LEGO themed and he painted it to look like little green, red, and blue LEGO blocks, and he put two LEGO men to man the sails. It was quite the masterpiece. We were a little rushed getting to the race, but we made it, although it was a bit of a rocky start because he had his mom (who thinks looks are everything and doesn't understand the importance of rutters) helping him. We got a bit of a late start on our boat, but he finished it and we got to the event on time, but when he put his boat in the water it tipped right over. He was embarrassed and cried a little, but Casey was there so he was able to run home and get the rutters and rework the boat in time for the actual races. Porters boat won the first two races and lost the third. He had a great time and told me "When Bennett and Miles do scouts make sure you put the rutters on their boats".

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trip to Lafayette (Landon's Birthday)

We made an impromptu visit to Lafayette to visit Sarah and her family before school started. It was pretty exciting. The school year was quickly approaching and Landon was having his 7th birthday party, so we decided to throw caution into the wind and make the 4 hour trip down. It was really great because we decided not to tell the kids we were going until the day we left, so we kept it quiet until Casey got home from work, then I said "We should go do something fun with dad today". Porter said "Lets go play a family game of football", and Bennett said "Lets go to Landon and Addie's house", then I said "BENNETT, THAT WOULD BE SO FUN, LETS DO IT!". I could tell he was afraid to get too excited then he said in a serious voice "Ok, but no joking". It was pretty funny, but now he thinks he can come up with all kinds of wild adventures and we'll actually do it.

The kids were totally happy to be together. My parents ,my sister Hanny ,our friend Tim, and Cincy came in from Louisville and got a hotel room so we could all go swimming (always a hit with this group). Then the big kids got to spend the night in the hotel with Nana and Grampy. Pretty cool. I think Miles drove Miss Cincy crazy, but he sure loved holding that little dog. All the kids think she is just the best!

The birthday party was so so cute. I'm so glad my sister is so flexible. I called her about three days before the party and said "Umm, we're thinking about coming down would that totally stress you?" and she was so enthusiastic about having us come I didn't feel a bit guilty for adding 5 extra party goers. She did a really great job with the party. Landon wanted a super hero themed party so when each kid got there they had to think of a super hero name and they got a custom designed super hero cape . Porters super hero name was Payton Manning (weird), Maya was Golden Girl (also weird), Bennett was Spider man (typical), and Miles was Tank (appropriate). Here are a few of their super hero poses...

Modeling her cape...

Flying through the air...

Climbing tall buildings (and obviously super hearing)...

Super crouching...

and lastly super mask adjusting.

It was just so great being with everyone. It's great to be with family!

Cake and presents. Landon was in heaven with all his loot.

Miles loved Sarah's trampoline. I think we need to get us one, oh wait, a trampoline would take up our entire yard...

Sarah did a really fun variation on the trusty ol' pinata. She had two villains (Dad and Steven-and you can see Casey in the background felt totally left out) steal all the candy. The super hero's had to chase the villains and hit them with their weapons (mini wiffel balls) and anytime a villain was hit he'd toss a handful of candy into the air and run off. It was so great, the kids loved it and, although we didn't get to enjoy the funny moments associated with blindfolded kids and pinata sticks, we got some awesome pictures of my dad looking menacing.

These kids were just eager to get the bad guys, they didn't care about the candy at all (yeah right).

It's raining goodies.

Who says all toddlers aren't built alike?

Casey and Stev-o had a great time tossing the football (non-stop). Look at that stud!

Ok, Sarah is going to KILL me for putting this next picture in here but just ignore Sarah's funny smile and check out my Dad and Hanny who were busting a move in the house. We were playing dance party music for the kids and they were all rocking out on the lawn, but Dad and Hanny opted for the air conditioned comfort of the house.

After the party the kids had a great time just being together, and I think this was our first get together where someone didn't puke! That's a pretty big deal. I sure miss living near Sarah and her family. She always has tons of fun ideas and is totally the life of the party, and her kids are so cute and polite and wonderful. We are blessed to have such great influences in our lives.

We can't wait for the next get together!

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School

Porter and Maya were so excited to start their first day of school. We had to leave a little early so we could take daddy to work, and on our way home Porter asked "Mom, can you do what Nana did and follow the bus?" I said sure I could follow the bus then he said "and go in with us so we know where we are supposed to go?" Um...well unlike Nana I have three little spazoids I have to tote around so "no I don't think I can do that, but there will be people there to show you where to go. It'll be fine." Shortly after this conversation he told me "I miss my old school where Nana made us egg sandwiches for breakfast". I'm willing to admit my kids miss living at Nana's more than I do (and that's saying something).

We were able to go to the school the day before and meet Maya's teacher and we discovered there is a boy from church and a girl from the neighborhood in her class so she was pretty excited. Porter doesn't have his meet the teacher until next week (weird) so he was a bit more hesitant, but they both got off the bus happy and excited to go the next day (even though Porter told me he didn't talk to anyone all day).

Now that we have the first week under our belts they are still loving it and Porter and Maya are both talking (but not enough to get in trouble -yet). I am also loving it. I was really dreading them going back to school. I miss them too much and they are at such a fun helpful age, it seems a shame to send them away, but it's been so fun spending the day with the little boys. We usually go to the gym then run errands. After the errands we come home eat lunch together and put Miles down for his nap. It's fun to see what Miles and Bennett choose to play when the big kids are not here. Thomas the train seems to be the favorite for now. It's just great to see their little personalities and have the time to appreciate them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I could just SCREAM...

While the other boys make me want to scream for other reasons, this guy makes me want to scream "STOP BEING SO GOSH DARN CUTE!".

Saturday, August 13, 2011

EFR {part 4} Loose ends

So the last day together in Utah we went to a really great public park where we rode paddle boats, played at the splash pad, tossed the football, fed the ducks, sat in the shade of the trees, and just had a great time together. The little kids loved getting way too close to the pond.

Miles all patched up and ready for a tumble in the pond.

Maya the duck whisper feeding the ducks goldfish. My sister in law Brisa is so funny, while Maya was feeding the ducks Brisa said "I think they think she's their momma, they are like 'we love that big feather-less duck with the yellow bill'." I was cracking up.

Friday, August 12, 2011

EFR {part 3} Stitches and Trilobite Treasures

Of course it was Miles who got his head busted open and was the first of our children to get stitches. Here's how it happened. Miles turned two while we were at reunion and the day after reunion we took all the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's for an afternoon of fun. We were all having a great time and Miles was all over the place. He loved all the rides, and games. There were even rumors that he was walking up to strange children and snagging coins from their Chuck E. Cheese cups. After about an hour I went into the bathroom to change Ender and Brisa was in there changing Liv. She told me that Maya had had an accident. I peeked under the stall to see Maya's flip flops standing in a rather large puddle. I told her I'd go get her a change of clothing (luckily all our suitcases were in the back of the van) so I left the bathroom and looked across the restaurant to see Casey holding Miles who was covered in blood. I quickly walked over to see what had happened and noticed a very deep gash in his forehead. He was crying and Jeff was sleeping (sleeping at Chuck E. Cheese's? Only Jeff) so I ran over and woke him up, and while he checked Miles out I fished clothing out of the suitcase for Maya. I got Maya all cleaned up and notified the employee at the counter of the bathroom situation, then we took Miles to the hotel where Dr. Jeff sorted through his medical bag for stuff to stitch Miles up. He wasn't real happy with the equipment he had, but after calling around to find smaller thread we ended up having to make due. I held Miles' head and Casey held his feet while Jeff numbed him up and put three stitches in. Miles hated being held down, but after the stitches were in place he took a nap with Poppy and the other kids got to go swimming. It was chaotic but we got the stitches removed yesterday and he looks great (we got him camouflage band aids that make him look like baby Rambo - super cute). The lady who took them out said they looked great and that his head had healed very well.

We're not ones to let a little head injury stand in the way of a fun time. The next day we all went to hunt for Trilobites at Thanksgiving Point. It was pretty cool when to see everyone hammering away and we left with several specimens. Robby and Peggy tied for finding the biggest Trilobites.

Porter and Casey were in heaven digging through the rubble and searching for tiny fossils. Maya was a pretty good sport also but eventually she decided it'd be more fun playing in the little kiddie cow ride they had stored under the staircase. Miles just roamed around with one glove on, and Bennett (using his imagination) found a T-Rex tooth and a dinosaur leg. Ender chilled in the shade with me.

We tried to get some pictures of the kiddo's together (Impossible)-

These are their Dinosaur faces (what is Porter? a dino rabbit)