Sunday, August 7, 2011

EFR {part 2} Babies and Fairwells

Brisa had the great idea of getting a picture of all the newest grand babies together (unfortunately this idea came after Dan and Angela left, so we didn't get baby Cal in the pictures). Of course your always going to have one baby trying to get away (Liv) one baby crying (Oliver) one baby staring blankly into the camera (Ender) and one baby showing them how it's done (Ruby - the youngest of them all).

Look at all those fluffy heads and chubby cheeks. This is just way too much cuteness for one family.

These next pictures were taken during the 5K run/walk Dan and Angela organized. It was so fun to stay at the finish line and watch the triumph on the faces as each runner burst through the toilet paper finish line. They even had awards for all the competitors. Porter ran the whole thing, Maya dawdled along with Aunt Angie and Nellie, and Miles rode in the stroller with Liv and pestered her until they both conked out and Rob and Brisa could finish the walk in peace.

The lodge had lots of fun stuff to do like fishing, biking, a climbing wall, a swimming pool, a basketball court, canoeing, a fish pond where you could feed the fish (Miles and I spent a lot of time feeding the fish), BB guns, and inside there was an activity room with ping pong, air hockey, and that game with lots of handles you twist to make your men kick the ball into the goal (I can't remember the name of it). Needless to say there was always fun to be had, and I'm sure there are pictures of my kids doing some of those things, and maybe someone will e-mail those pictures to me (hint hint), but for now, this is what I got.

Some of the other highlight of the reunion were -organized games for the kids, bocce ball and kubb tournaments (Casey introduced 'corn hole' this year and it was a hit- Casey gets a big kick out of being the one to get people hooked on a new game), a quilting service project, a family choir, a mini Time Our For Women (this was a great addition to the reunion, I hope it becomes a tradition), and during the TOFW the men took all the kids for some fun time at the activity center. These last pictures were taken as everyone was preparing to leave the lodge. There was so much going on we were sad to leave.

Uncle Robby let Bennett drive the car and he was totally loving it!

Bryce Malerie and Baby Ruby

Porter, Corbin, and Maya. These three were so cute together, they really had a great time playing together and became fast friends. Check out Corbins outfit, the John Elmer's did a lip sync to the song that says "You and me baby we're stuck like glue" and everyone had the same costume (The shirt says Elmer's Glue Crew). Too cute.

Several times Miles was found inside peoples cars pillaging their stashes of candy. Keeping track of Miles was so difficult at this location. There were tons of doors leading outside and they were always opened. There was a swift rushing stream beside the lodge so that was always a big concern, and once Miles was found laying on the dock sticking his hands in the water of the fish pond (he figured out that he could just keep shaking the gate back and forth until it eventually popped opened). Thankfully everyone helped keep an eye on him especially Bryce who was a total life saver. Someone joked that we should have tied Nelly's leash to Miles so we could follow Nelly's barking to find him. If he doesn't improve by next reunion I'm really going to do it.

We were happy to get a few pictures with Grammy before we left. She is such an amazing woman and we are all glad to have her in our lives. She has a gift with children and makes each of the kids feel so loved and special, even though they don't see her often they become best buds so quickly when they do.
*I think I have just one more EFR post (the post reunion post) and that's where the stitches come into play...


Peggy and Jeff said...

The time went by way toooo fast but I guess if it had been any longer Miles would have gotten into more trouble than he did!! We love you guys and miss you already!!