Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School

Porter and Maya were so excited to start their first day of school. We had to leave a little early so we could take daddy to work, and on our way home Porter asked "Mom, can you do what Nana did and follow the bus?" I said sure I could follow the bus then he said "and go in with us so we know where we are supposed to go?" Um...well unlike Nana I have three little spazoids I have to tote around so "no I don't think I can do that, but there will be people there to show you where to go. It'll be fine." Shortly after this conversation he told me "I miss my old school where Nana made us egg sandwiches for breakfast". I'm willing to admit my kids miss living at Nana's more than I do (and that's saying something).

We were able to go to the school the day before and meet Maya's teacher and we discovered there is a boy from church and a girl from the neighborhood in her class so she was pretty excited. Porter doesn't have his meet the teacher until next week (weird) so he was a bit more hesitant, but they both got off the bus happy and excited to go the next day (even though Porter told me he didn't talk to anyone all day).

Now that we have the first week under our belts they are still loving it and Porter and Maya are both talking (but not enough to get in trouble -yet). I am also loving it. I was really dreading them going back to school. I miss them too much and they are at such a fun helpful age, it seems a shame to send them away, but it's been so fun spending the day with the little boys. We usually go to the gym then run errands. After the errands we come home eat lunch together and put Miles down for his nap. It's fun to see what Miles and Bennett choose to play when the big kids are not here. Thomas the train seems to be the favorite for now. It's just great to see their little personalities and have the time to appreciate them.


Sarah Harward said...

I've been waiting for this post!! They both look so cute!! How fun!