Sunday, August 7, 2011

Elmer Family Reunion {part 1} Family Pictures and Money Dig

We've just returned from a week in Utah spending time with the wonderful Elmer family in this beautiful lodge. Everyone had a great time and as I uploaded pictures I just kept wishing I would have taken more. We got to Utah Saturday and stayed the night near Thanksgiving Point, and on Sunday we went to church and then started the trip to the lodge. I think it took about three hours to get there. That night Malerie and Bryce blessed baby Ruby and it was great to be there for that (uggh, why didn't I get a pic of that?). Each day we started with a devotional (I missed most of them due to unruly children), and each day ended with a group activity of some sort (Story time with the Uncles, Family skits/songs, Family Home Evening, Minute to win it game, etc.). We got a big group picture in our reunion shirts that Peggy made (super cute) and this is where I pulled out my camera for the first time...
Maya, Bennett, and Benji. These three had a blast running around exploring nature. They tried and tried to catch a lizard, and even though I don't think they did, they just had a great time together. So much fun in fact, that they couldn't be bothered with looking at the camera for even one second.

The shirts were super cute. Each family had a different color shirt and on the backs they said "Team Jim", "Team John", "Team Jerry", "Team Jeff", or "Team Joe". They were very similar to the last reunion shirts except last time they were all the same color and had the the number on the back that represented the number you were in the family.

The money dig is always a huge hit, and this year was no exception. There was a sand volleyball court at the lodge and millions of coins were dispersed through an area of sand, then the kids were turned loose with Ziploc bags to collect their loot. I'm sure you can guess which of our kids liked this the best. Porter was in absolute heaven and was one of the last children to call it quits, Maya had a moderate amount of coins in her bag when she decided she'd had enough and walked away to find something more Maya-like to do, Bennett was swimming and decided the money dig wasn't worth leaving the pool for, and Miles was napping.

Stay tune for the next exciting installment...(hint - someone ends up with stitches, any guesses who?)


Kathy said...

Miles?? I want to have fun with you guys.