Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Date Night with Bennett

The last 3 Saturday nights each kid has had a date night with dad, but last night it was moms turn with Bennett and they went to the dollar store to get some activities for the trip today and Bennett in true Bennett-style wanted to wear his Lobster halloween costume on their date so he was fashionably dressed while they shopped, but at one point he took notice that everyone was looking at him and he leaned real close to Amanda and whispered, "They all know i'm a lobster" as if he were trying to fool everyone into thinking he was a normal kid in normal kid clothing and it just wasn't working.


Sarah Harward said...

That is TOO funny!! What a cute lobster...I mean kid.

Kayli said...

Hilatious. He is way way cute.

Elaine said...

How can I be a part of this date night?! Bennett is always the cutest!