Friday, August 12, 2011

EFR {part 3} Stitches and Trilobite Treasures

Of course it was Miles who got his head busted open and was the first of our children to get stitches. Here's how it happened. Miles turned two while we were at reunion and the day after reunion we took all the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's for an afternoon of fun. We were all having a great time and Miles was all over the place. He loved all the rides, and games. There were even rumors that he was walking up to strange children and snagging coins from their Chuck E. Cheese cups. After about an hour I went into the bathroom to change Ender and Brisa was in there changing Liv. She told me that Maya had had an accident. I peeked under the stall to see Maya's flip flops standing in a rather large puddle. I told her I'd go get her a change of clothing (luckily all our suitcases were in the back of the van) so I left the bathroom and looked across the restaurant to see Casey holding Miles who was covered in blood. I quickly walked over to see what had happened and noticed a very deep gash in his forehead. He was crying and Jeff was sleeping (sleeping at Chuck E. Cheese's? Only Jeff) so I ran over and woke him up, and while he checked Miles out I fished clothing out of the suitcase for Maya. I got Maya all cleaned up and notified the employee at the counter of the bathroom situation, then we took Miles to the hotel where Dr. Jeff sorted through his medical bag for stuff to stitch Miles up. He wasn't real happy with the equipment he had, but after calling around to find smaller thread we ended up having to make due. I held Miles' head and Casey held his feet while Jeff numbed him up and put three stitches in. Miles hated being held down, but after the stitches were in place he took a nap with Poppy and the other kids got to go swimming. It was chaotic but we got the stitches removed yesterday and he looks great (we got him camouflage band aids that make him look like baby Rambo - super cute). The lady who took them out said they looked great and that his head had healed very well.

We're not ones to let a little head injury stand in the way of a fun time. The next day we all went to hunt for Trilobites at Thanksgiving Point. It was pretty cool when to see everyone hammering away and we left with several specimens. Robby and Peggy tied for finding the biggest Trilobites.

Porter and Casey were in heaven digging through the rubble and searching for tiny fossils. Maya was a pretty good sport also but eventually she decided it'd be more fun playing in the little kiddie cow ride they had stored under the staircase. Miles just roamed around with one glove on, and Bennett (using his imagination) found a T-Rex tooth and a dinosaur leg. Ender chilled in the shade with me.

We tried to get some pictures of the kiddo's together (Impossible)-

These are their Dinosaur faces (what is Porter? a dino rabbit)


Searls Stuff said...

I don't know how long you guys were at the reunion; but, you had enough adventure to fill a month! You must have a bucket load of patience.