Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

YIPPIE! It's our first spring break with a school kid. I'm so excited to have Porter home for a week, but I think Maya might be more excited than I am. I really wanted to plan a bunch of fun stuff for us to do this week, but it seems like this is going to be a colder week than the last. Any fun ideas for us?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm as surprised as anyone!

Porter brought me the mail yesterday afternoon and there was a big fat white envelope from Harvard University. As you probably would have guessed, Fat=Good News, so I opened the envelope and found out that I was accepted to Harvard's Graduate School of Design. Next to my mission call, that was the second most exciting white envelope i've ever gotten. I wasn't even expecting it for another few weeks and then I was expecting a rejection letter and I had totally convinced myself that I'd be going to Upenn out of a lack of options and I had been preparing myself for Philadelphia again, which by the way, I would totally do again. So it looks like August is going to be a busy month with the baby coming at the beginning of the month, and then packing everything up and moving at the end of August out to Cambridge, MA! I'm really excited and left poor Amanda to carry the worry burden which she does so effortlessly. Who cares how were going to pay for, were going to HARVARD!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our baby turns 6!

We've celebrated another birthday in the Elmer house. Porter turned 6 years old and I'm blown away by what an amazing kid he is. I sure love that guy!

Thanks to Grammy and Poppy for the totally stellar suit and Spanish missionary name tag! Porter sure feels fancy going to church now (he's a little show off).

Once again we are having a star wars themed birthday party.

Here's the cake! Probably the least impressive cake ever, but it did the job. The party was so hectic we didn't even get the candles lit.

It's chow time, but the birthday boy can't stop playing long enough to eat.

Here's the party guest. I think we ended up with 14 kids there. I was really surprised how many kids showed up. We were out of town the Sunday before so we were not able to get invitations to his church friends, so all these kids are from school.

Here's Porter with his aunt Hanny who spoiled him with LEGOS.

Here is Nana who also spoiled him with LEGOS and smooches.

And the highlight of the party was Grampys magic act (all using 'jedi mind tricks' and the 'force' of course). Although in all actuality I think the parents were more impressed with the magic show. Thanks Grampy!