Monday, March 2, 2009

Our baby turns 6!

We've celebrated another birthday in the Elmer house. Porter turned 6 years old and I'm blown away by what an amazing kid he is. I sure love that guy!

Thanks to Grammy and Poppy for the totally stellar suit and Spanish missionary name tag! Porter sure feels fancy going to church now (he's a little show off).

Once again we are having a star wars themed birthday party.

Here's the cake! Probably the least impressive cake ever, but it did the job. The party was so hectic we didn't even get the candles lit.

It's chow time, but the birthday boy can't stop playing long enough to eat.

Here's the party guest. I think we ended up with 14 kids there. I was really surprised how many kids showed up. We were out of town the Sunday before so we were not able to get invitations to his church friends, so all these kids are from school.

Here's Porter with his aunt Hanny who spoiled him with LEGOS.

Here is Nana who also spoiled him with LEGOS and smooches.

And the highlight of the party was Grampys magic act (all using 'jedi mind tricks' and the 'force' of course). Although in all actuality I think the parents were more impressed with the magic show. Thanks Grampy!


Sierra Parke said...

Sounds like Porter had a great time! Hey guess what Amanda, I made pretzels today using the recipe you gave me from your family member (Toni Elmer). Thanks for passing the recipe on! I must really inspired me to do more crafty and fun things with my kids. You are such a great mom.

Peggy and Jeff said...

Wow, what a great party reminds of a few star wars parties we had amazing that the Star Wars theme has lived on for more than 20 years!! I also did no recognize that that was Hannah she has become a beautiful young lady! I was alittle disappointed Casey that you didn't build a giant lego x-wing fighter that they could all have their pictures taken in?! What else do you have to do with all your spare time?? jajaja just kidding!

Mallena said...

Happy Birthday Porter! Miriam can't wait to turn 6, but she says she wants to stop having birthdays after that. She doesn't want to get any older than six.

Amanda, a little birdie told me you were expecting. Congratulations! You guys have the cutest family. This new addition is lucky to be coming into your home.

Angela said...

Hey that party looks like it was a blast. Nice job Amanda. 14 kids wow!! Happy B Day P Town!

Searls Stuff said...

Wow! What a ton of kids! Sure hope they weren't there for very long. That could be exhausting! Lucky for you your parents were there to help out.