Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What we've been up to, according to Instagram.

 Probably my BEST instagram pic yet.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Christmas Season (2012)

Lets see if I can remember way back to Christmas...nope, not really.  I do however love pictures of kids playing in the snow, and I recall these being taken before we left for Nana and Grampy's house.   And I do remember Christmas being awesome...  Pretty much everyone can tolerate a car trip when the final destination is Nana's house.
The kids had a wonderful time playing with cousins and loved all their tacky matching character jammies.  It was a bit of a break from the tradition of homemade P.J.'s but those black friday prices just couldn't be passed up.

They were all thrilled with their Christmas morning finds.  Ender got a toodle bike and Miles got a scooter.  I think they see them as pretty interchangeable.  It's kind of like getting two gifts:) 

Maya got herself a BRAND NEW BIKE!!!  She hasn't gotten to use it much but she has assured us that she loves it. 
Despite Bennetts blank expression he was crazy about his castle and knights.  When we got it home we painted it and now its even more awesome.  Santa must have know how much this kid likes craft projects. 
Porter was happy with his skateboard and Lego set.  He also got new shoes he loves!  The only thing he wanted that he didn't get was a keyboard for his room, and Grammy got that for him after Christmas.
Casey, Hanny, and I took all the kids to the movie Christmas eve to see Wreck it Ralph.  It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed the movie.  Miles found a pair of 3D glasses at the theater and decided they would look swell with his teen age mutant ninja turtle jammies.  He was also more interested in the stocking candy that most of the presents.
We had to leave the day after Christmas in order to get back in time for Grammy and Poppy to come visit us, but before we left we all went to the church and my parents set up a skating rink (complete with concession stand) for the kids. They had music piped in and the kids though they were in HEAVEN!!!  They also gave each kid fake money to buy treats, drinks, and food at the concession stand.

It was a fun time having everyone together and when we got home the fun continued because Grammy and Poppy came to visit us and stayed through new years.  They brought more presents and candy, and working hands.  Jeff and Casey got our bathroom renovation underway.  We got paint for a few of the rooms, Peggy and I painted our rug, and tried rearranging furniture, and several other projects I'm sure I'm forgetting (that's what happens when you don't blog about Christmas till the end of January). 

Check out Ender's wicked crazy bed head. 
Each kid got a fun lunchbox with all kinds of goodies in it.

We had fun making treats and playing games and just enjoying family this holiday season, and we've continued to receive snow which allowed for more snow pictures!