Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The World's Most Drawn Out Birthday

So we finally decided that we have put this off long enough. Maya had decided she wanted a swimming pool birthday cake, but things have been pretty hectic, so I kind of though we would skip the cake this year. Sunday morning Casey baked a cake and said "I made the cake now you get to decorate it". Several weeks ago Maya had chosen her cake theme, so we raided Grammy's candy stash and came up with this little beauty. Maya did a lot of it herself, and I think it worked out beautifully.

It was also Robby's birthday this month, so we were able to celebrate both of them, and it was nice because Grandpa Art was there as well as Rob and Brisa, and Malerie and Brice, and Grammy and Grampy.

Pretty exciting stuff.

Some of my favorite features of the cake were the sweedish fish jumping off the diving board, the fish with M&M floaties, and the fish in the life saver ring. Cute and comical!

The lighting of the candles. Maya is only six, but we included Uncle Robby's candles so it was a few more.

The whole gang.

The birthday girl. She also lost two teeth, one on Sunday (the day we ate the cake) and one the next day. I think she holds the record for most consecutive teeth lost. She likes it when we call her toothless, I think it's because the dragon on "how to train your dragon" is named Toothless.

Bennett was pretty excited by the prospect of all that cake AND candy. Does it get any better than that? He saw the other kids licking the frosting off the bottom of the candles and decided he wanted in on that action, so he plucked a candle from the cake and inserted the burnt side into his mouth. Luckily it wasn't hot, but also not tasty.

Miles made due with the ice cream container. I think it felt good on his little gums. He's growing teeth almost as quickly as Maya is loosing them (he's up to 6 now).

Finally we get to dig in!

Some of the things I've LOVED about Maya this year:
  • She is so kind and helpful with the babies (a good example for me)
  • She loved learning to ride a bike
  • Teaching her to read (she amazes me each day)
  • She loves wearing her fleece pants and always rolls them up like shorts.
  • Her love of animals (we think the Loony Toon character Elmira was based on Maya)
  • She enjoys cuddling and loves being read to
  • Watching her create things (it's always fun to see what her brain comes up with)
  • She is so brave about getting her teeth pulled
  • She will try just about anything
  • She enjoys meeting people and talks their ears off
  • She is just an all around excellent addition to our family, and we are so lucky to have her!


Sarah Harward said...

So cute! We love Maya too! I can't believe how many teeth she's lost! Landon barely has a loose tooth (and that's only if I hold his head still with one hand and wiggle the heck out of his mouth with the other, then the tooth will kind of budge!) The cake is adoreable! I love the fish in the pool!!

Kathy said...

I love Maya too! She deserves the World's Most Drawn Out Birthday! I just have one question, How does the Elmer House stay so clean???

Shilowe said...

Aw...Happy Birthday Maya....what a sweet girl! I love that cake, too. I could tell it was a swimming pool before I even read the post. Well done, Amanda. :)