Wednesday, June 9, 2010


While we were visiting my parents we had the great pleasure of accompanying them to a performance of WICKED. We had seen it once before on Broadway, but this was much better for some reason (maybe it was because we paid WAY too much when we bought our Broadway tickets). As if seeing the show wasn't enough, my AMAZING sister Hanny babysat for us, and Sarah's kids (7 kids total, see, I told you she's amazing), so we could go out to dinner before the show. I love going out with this handsome stud.

My parents had a huge group of people from church who all went together, so they actually sat on the row behind us, but Sarah and Stev-o got to sit with us (those lucky dogs).


Sarah Harward said...

Amanda! You're cut out of the picture (the one with all of us) or maybe it's just my computer! What a fun night that was!!