Thursday, June 10, 2010

Splish Splash

We had a few days where it was nice enough to swim while we were visiting Nana and Grampy. The water was a little chilly, but when did that stop kids from splashing around? They had a blast. I'm always curious how well they will be able to swim after a whole winter of not swimming, but they continue to amaze me with their daring and retention.

Bennett is at that age where he loves the pool, but doesn't realize that the floaties are the ONLY reason he doesn't sink. One time he walked through the gate and jumped right into the pool. Luckily we were watching and Casey grabbed him real quick, but even the dunking didn't scare him too much.

There is something HILARIOUS about kids in goggles. They just look so stinkin' cute. Check out Addie totally ready to go in her goggles, floaties, and swim tube. Too bad she never actually got in the water (maybe it would have washed some of that dirt off her face).

What a good Daddy to help Maya get some floaties on...

What a MEAN DAD to push her into the pool!

I remember last year the FAVORITE thing was to slide down the slide bare butt naked (they say it makes you go faster), this year everyone stayed clothed, but the slide was still lots of fun. Isn't Porter GORGEOUS!

I thought Bennett wouldn't swim much because the water was so cold, but he really loved it. He just puttered around with this cute little grin on his face. I love that kid (of course, I love all of them).

They all ganged up on Casey and pushed him into the pool, but the hooligans weren't satisfied with that, they wanted to hunt bigger game. After being told to get out of the pool, they combined their forces, and tossed a completely clothed Grampy into the pool (wasn't Grampy nice to humor them?). I think I was too busy worrying that Grampy's cell phone (which (unbeknown to me) he had taken out of his pocket in preparation for the attack) was ruined to snap any pictures.

Casey, what kind of face is this? Are you doing a sexy Gene Simmons impersonation?


Searls Stuff said...

What fun! I remember a time when Ryan rode his toy horse into the pool of the apartment building we were living in. I will never forget his shocked expression when he discovered neither he nor Trigger floated. Enjoy these precious times.

leigh said...

sorry - but there is nothing about sexy and gene simmons that goes together. just saying.

Kathy said...

Wow, at first I was thinking you guys sneaked in and swam in my pool, I ran all over the house and yard looking for you guys and then read the blog and was sad that you were posting an old post. The water is warmer, much warmer now if you want to take a dip :)