Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Porter Square

Our apartment in Cambridge was near Porter Square, and since we have a son named Porter, I thought it'd be fun to do a little tribute to Porter Square.

This is the parking lot for the Shaw's grocery store where we did ALL of our grocery shopping. I hated going here SO SO SO much. I was, guaranteed, the only person with 4 children bumbling around that store, and it was always a nightmare, but it did seem to get a little easier maybe because I learned a few tricks (like leaving the kids home with Casey and going at 11:00 at night).

This is a fancy schmancy wind structure they have right outside of the Porter Square T stop. One Sunday Bennett rode the T home from church with Casey and from then on every time we passed the T stop he would say "there's the T" , or "there's the train's house".

I saved the best picture for last. Look at that handsome boy. I sure love that guy.


Sarah Harward said...

So cute!! The second to last picture looks like it belongs in the train town of Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood!

Kathy said...

Yeah, the best picture is the best and I sure do love that guy too. I miss him and his little siblings. Come back to Indiana!!! Please??!!!???

ginger said...

Cute. When are you coming back? We're not leaving anytime soon and Indy misses P. Square.

Kathy said...

did I say best picture is best? I meant last picture is best.