Saturday, June 5, 2010


They have this swanky bowling ally here in Spokane. Its has a casino, super fancy food served on square white glass plates, and huge movie screens that show the music video to the songs that play over the loud speakers. The whole crew headed out for a night of fun, and that's exactly what we got!

All the kids enjoyed playing, but Bennett had a hard time understanding why he couldn't roll his ball ALL the time, and why he couldn't roll it in whichever lane tickled his fancy. We had to herd him into the right lane each time. I think it was more that he just got confused with all the lights, music, and excitement, and wandered accidentally into the wrong lane.

Oh the shear joy of knocking a few pins down. I kept hoping Porter would get a strike (if he gets this excited about a few pins just imagine what a strike would do to him), but no luck. I think he just wasn't strong enough to give it the force needed. But Poppy got enough strikes for all of us.

We have gone bowling before, but the kids never cease to be amazed by the ball return machine. Bryce said he thinks Bennett should become a mechanic becaues he was so enamored with it.

So, if I'm being honest, the ball return did take second place to his drink, but almost everything does.

This must have been a pretty tense moment. Maybe Bennett's ball was slowly creeping towards the last pin or something, but Porter and Maya were waiting with baited breath, and cuddling for good luck.

Bennett's turns always lasted forever because the ball took so long to get to the pins, but he loved standing there watching it roll along, and as soon as it hit, he'd turn around (with a self satisfied smile) and return to the ball return to wait for his "blue ball".

Since Miles wasn't able to heft the bowling ball down the lane, he used the time to practice his sweet dance moves. He is so cute when he dances. Sometimes all you have to do is hum a song and he'll shimmy like his life depended on it. What a sweet boy!

Can you guess who won? Yes, he's handsome and athletic!


Searls Stuff said...

That sounds like a great place to take the family. Our one and only bowling alley burned down the year we moved to Temple. It was wonderful, because Becca and Ed would bring Seth up and we would all go bowling for the afternoon. Aren't those bumpers wonderful!? I remember when you guys were all little. Bowling was pretty frustrating without the bumpers. Thanks for sharint!

Sarah Harward said...

How fun! Landon loved looking at the pictures!! Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!! We miss you guys :(

Kathy said...

Yeah, we miss you. Bowling looks like so much fun with that crew. Then again, you could make running look like fun with your little crew. Love ya