Friday, June 18, 2010

Yard Games

We scraped together enough people to play a little backyard baseball. Porter had a blast!

Grammy and Maya got a few pictures too

Miles and Casey enjoyed the entertainment

Porter and Maya enjoyed the treats

After a little baseball Poppy decided to break out the golf clubs. They guys would hit golf balls and see who could get closest to a predetermined object. Then to add an extra element of difficulty Malerie stood near the object with a bat and tried to hit the golf balls out of the air.

I'm pretty anti-golf, but Casey makes one sexy golfer!

Story time with Bryce. Bryce is Malerie's fiance, and we all love him. Especially the kids. He babysat for us the other night and when we got home Maya showed us that Bryce had pulled her tooth (yes ANOTHER one, that makes 4 in two weeks). She had been wiggling it and tasted the blood, then she started saying "Ooh, it's bleeding, get it out!". So Bryce got it out of there. I think the tooth fairy is going broke due to this girl.

Casey taught the kids a little Four Square (here he is drawing the squares). They thought it was pretty fun, but it was a little difficult for them.

Benny is looking so big. I sure love that kid.


Me said...

Pretty picture of you. And I like the last one of Bennett.
Fun stuff.

Kathy said...

I miss you guys

Searls Stuff said...

I bet the weather there is just fantastic. It looks like it was a beautiful and fun filled day!