Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bennett Turns Three!

Bennett had a great birthday, everything he could have wanted and more. He had a wonderful cake with all his favorite TV pals (Barny, Kipper, and the Backyardagains). He got to go to Ikea and got all kinds of fun and exciting presents. He got two Thomas trains (from Mom and Dad), Matchbox cars (From Porter and Maya), a tea set, a play rug that looks like a little town for his cars, a cool motorcycle toy (Porter is totally jealous of this present), and a monster truck (all from Grammy and Poppy). He is such an amazing little guy. I feel blessed to have him in our family.

For Bennetts birthday we also went on a Duck Tour of Boston. We all had a great time! Not a single kid is looking at the camera in this picture, what are the odds? The Duck Tour was a great way to take in the sights of the city with our actually traipsing all over town. The guide was great and the information was varied making in fun and informative. They even let the kids drive the boat once it was in the water (did I mention that the tour vessel goes from driving along the streets of Boston, to putting along the Charles River?).

Some of the things we loved about Bennett as a two year old are his amazing personality. He's the kid that will randomly walk over to me and look at me with his sweet brown eyes and say "Mom, you look wonderful". His vocabulary, it's constantly growing and he is constantly pushing the limits with it. The other day he dropped a thumb tack in the bed and I said "Are you setting a booby trap?". He gasped and asked "Did you say booby?" (Booby is a no no in our house). I told him I didn't say booby, I said booby trap and booby trap is OK. Later that night I heard him say Poop (another no no) and said "Bennett, we don't say poop". He quickly told me "I didn't say poop, I said poop trap". What can I say, the kid is hilarious. Bennett is a great kid to have around, he is usually so mellow and easy to get along with. As a two year old we finally broke him of his chocolate milk habit, but he still enjoys drinking more than eating. He loves milk, juice, and egg nog (which he calls egg milk). He also has quite the sweet tooth and I often catch him climbing onto the top of the refrigerator to scavenge for snacks. He is always so thoughtful and I'll usually catch Miles walking around with a sucker that Bennett has given him. He loves reading books, any books, and will want you to read the same book to him over and over again. He is obsessed with his cousin Addie. He is always wanting to go play with her (unfortunately they live so so so far away). Similarly he loves Sarah and will sometimes tell me "I'm Sarah's boy". I have to say "No you are MY boy" and he then tells me "You can share me". On a slightly negative note, Bennett is the WORST to share a bed with. Many a night he'll end up in our bed, and he flops around incessantly and drives me and Casey nuts, but we sure cherish the time we get to spend with this sweet little boy of ours (even if we do receive the occasional foot to the face). We are excited to see what life with this little three year old brings...


Searls Stuff said...

Happy Birthday, Bennett! You are one lucky boy to have such a sweet family.

Kathy said...

I miss you guys so much. Can't wait for Christmas!!