Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Shortie

My sister, Hanny, has been giving me a hard time about not blogging frequently enough (as if I'm not busy with 4 children, 3 days of packing left before we move, 2 busy baby boys at home all day, 1 hubby who is married to Harvard Graduate School of Design, and 1/2 a busy baby boy in my tummy making everything more difficult - but whatever), anyway in an attempt to make Hanny happy I'm going to share a few funny story about Maya (quite possibly my weirdest child).
Story #1
The other day I was combing Maya's hair after her bath, and thinking what a BEAUTIFUL little girl she is. She's had a few times where she has mentioned that she wanted to play with certain girls at school, and they told her she couldn't play with them. She never seems bothered by these instances (she's a lot like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter), but as the mother I'm bothered. I was thinking to myself "Who wouldn't want to play with Maya? She's cute and nice and friendly and so many other wonderful attributes" when she suddenly looked into the mirror, flared her nostrils, and said "hey, doesn't this look like a pig nose". Oh, that's why, she's weird.
Story #2
Maya came home from school and told me that she had to bring a dollar to school tomorrow because she was buying a pony from Jocelyn. I wasn't too concerned because I thought she meant a toy pony, but as the conversation progressed I discovered that Jocelyn lives on a farm and Maya had some sort of bargain with her that she would sell Maya a "real, white, pony named Snowflake" for a dollar. I tried to explain to Maya that a pony cannot live in her bedroom, and I thought she understood until the next day she came home and told me that she had given Jocelyn a dollar for a puppy (since she could keep a puppy in her bedroom). Lucky for us Jocelyn has yet to smuggle a puppy into the school.
Story #3
I was watching a show where the family home-schooled their children and they were talking about how their children were less influenced by fads and trends (They were buying shoes at a thrift store). I was fondly reflecting on my home-school days and thinking, "Yeah, that's one of the nice things about homeschooling, the kids are much less judgmental towards each other, and feel free to express their individual styles. Anything goes fashion wise". Then it suddenly dawned on me that Maya has been wearing a big furry Santa hat to school everyday this week. She doesn't just wear it to and from school (in lieu of her stocking cap) but leaves it on all day long. I thought about interfering until she told me that her friend Kimberly loves her hat and is going to wear one just like it tomorrow (I guess if Kimberly says it's ok...)


Searls Stuff said...

Isn't it funny that people who don't blog are the ones that bug you when you don't update? Or, does Hannah have a blog that I haven't found yet?

Maya sounds like a super cute kid.

Tina said...

:-) I remember when my son purchased one of those by the check out counter grocery store 'reading palms' books.
I found out 2 days later he had been providing palm reading at school for a small charge..unless you were older then it was double the price....that's why he had enough money to get the CD he wanted! LOL
They grow up fast...enjoy!

Peggy and Jeff said...

You are too funny Amanda...where do you think Maya came from if not two very unusual parents!! You need to write children's book about Maya and you would have those student loans paid back in a flash! We love you all and miss you and wont be Christmas without you all....we love you.

Doug and Mallena said...

Maya is such a doll! I know Miriam always loved playing with her. I'm sure next year she'll be the most popular girl in school. :)