Thursday, December 9, 2010

I miss the Fall

I think winter is starting to take it's toll on all of us. Bennett is resorting to creating his very own computer spaces and Miles is just running around all adorable like he doesn't even realize he's cooped up. Bennett is a total bath addict. He asks for a bath at least twice a day. It's sad when bath time is the highlight of your day. Miles has learned to jump. He jumps around like a cute little lunatic. We've started a reward system in which the kids can earn Service Stickers by doing services for one another. When they're Service Sticker chart is full they get a string of Christmas lights to hang in their bedroom. Pretty exciting, some of the services I've noticed are : trash being taken out (without asking), Porter shared his stocking treat with me and Miles, the other day he unloaded Maya's part of the dishwasher, Maya decided to play secret santa and leave fruit snacks in everyone's stockings. They seem to really like it, and I love the improved attitudes. Oh, the joys of bribery.

On another note, the storage space is reserved and Casey and Bennett took the first load over today. We're getting there. I'm thinking we will try to get everything loaded into the storage unit on the 18th, then we're out of here. Casey had his big presentation yesterday and I, for one, am glad it's over. He still has work to do, but we can breath a sigh of relief (hopefully no more absolutely absurd work schedules). I can't believe he's almost done. He's applied for a few Army Corp of Engineer jobs (I'm keeping my fingers crossed), and within the next few weeks we'll start job hunting in earnest. I'm praying the job will come quickly so the kids can get back into school, I can find a new OB, and we can start to settle ourselves into a new chapter of our lives. If it weren't for the uncertainty this would be totally exciting!


Kathy said...

Such handsome boys. I can't wait until you guys come here. I was thinking that last year you stayed from Thanksgiving until Christmas. I wish we had done that again.

Peggy and Jeff said...

Oh I miss those little guys! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!