Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Malerie and Bryce's Wedding

Ok, I feel really awful, but I didn't get hardly any pictures of Malerie or Bryce at their wedding. Everything was beautiful but a little hectic so I slacked in my duties as self appointed bonus photographer. Luckily the girl who did the pictures was great, but unlucky for me, my blog coverage of the event is pretty pathetic. Sorry guys...
I did manage to get pictures of the candy bar. What is it with me and candy bars? I just think they are fabulous.
And I got some pictures of the beautiful flowers.
And a few pictures of the crazy kids on the trampoline (I actually think Casey took the rest of these pictures, but whatever).
A few pictures of the delicious food. (I know it's tacky to let your kids hang around the fruit and veggie trays like little scavengers, but I was oblivious. Like I said, Casey took these pictures. Blame him:))
And one lonely little dancing shot. Check out the face Bryce is making. The whole pose is just Hilarious!
And last but not least a lovely picture of Maya and Casey's Grammy. I love these ladies, they are truly wonderful.


Sarah Harward said...

FINALLY!! I've been waiting for like a month and a half for these pictures! So great! Malerie looks beautiful and I love how everything is colorful and happy!!

Searls Stuff said...

Beautiful pictures! The lovely lady in the last picture reminds me of Joan Stevens. Such a pretty woman.

Casey said...

We need to print that last picture and send it to Grammy. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.