Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kites, Turtles and Hot Tamales

Yes, so that was the theme of last night's Family Home Evening. We got together with the Harwards (which we seem to be doing a lot of lately) and we went to a nearby park to fly kites for FHE. The weather was beautiful and there was enough wind to really get our dragon kite which Grammy and Poppy gave us so long ago that I'm certain Grammy has forgotten that she gave us a kite and is saying to her self, "I never gave them a kite." Well Grammy, you did, and it was a hit. It's maiden voyage was superb and all the kids wanted turns flying it but as you can see by the above picture, it was hogged mostly by the dads.

Why not a little family impromptu photo shoot, good thing all the kids cooperated on this one.

Maya loved flying the kite, that is whenever she could wrest it away from her father, who probably enjoyed it more than she did. While we were running with the kite, we almost tripped over this huge turtle that was lying in the middle of this field. Maya immedeatley drops the kite handle and runs to the turtle as she loves all things Animal. Luckily we saved the kite from blowing away, and the kids' attention was diverted now to this massive turtle laying in the lawn (see below photo.
No, that's Landon, i'm talking about the photo below him.)

So with the turtle around to distract the kids, I was able to fly the kite to my heart's content and leave Amanda, the other animal lover in our family, the chance to stand guard around the turtle as she really wanted to see it crawl. Yes Elaine, she still does these things even though your not around anymore.

Maya, upon discovering a living creature in her vicinity.

Another staged Elmer family photo, again, 4 out of 5 cooperating ain't bad.

Our little strawberry blonde.

Sibling rivalry has always been encouraged during family home evenings, else, how could we dare call it by it's pseudonym, 'Family Fight Night'. Addie is just happy to be held.

Aunt Hannie joined us and though she tried to take her turn, Porter quickly jumped in to save her crashing kite.

Lastly, I know there has been no mention of Hot Tamales up until this point, I wanted to keep you in suspense, but it's pretty anticlimatic since they were the dessert for last night.


Doug and Mallena said...

Looks like a really fun FHE night. How great to have family so close so you can "hang" together.

The Molen's said...

Oh, I miss you guys! It's so beautiful there!!!! I really like the fence too!

Elaine said...

I am so 'jello' of your yard! No wonder you were so excited about leaving me behind.:-) The pictures make me miss you guys so much. I could almost smell the turtle and his 'turtle salad.'

Anonymous said...

You seem in your element! It took no time at all for you to get adjusted, I'm sure! Great staged photos... just like you!

Kathy said...

The pictures are great! I wish I could have been there. Looks like fun.

Peggy and Jeff said...

What great fotos!! I love the whole thing and I wished we could have been there tohelp fly that kite that I supposedly gave you which you are right I can't remember doing but I'm glad I did because it looks soooooo fun and the turtle must now be living in your back yard!