Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The day all parents dread

You know it's coming but for some reason you never actually think it will get here. The dreaded first day of Kindergarten! I was so nervous about sending Porter to school (probably because I though he'd be like me and spend every day in the bathroom crying) but he did amazingly well.
And the first day of school is here. My baby boy started kindergarten today.
Who wouldn't be happy to start school with the coolest backpack around (thanks to Nana)

The proud parents
Filling out the paperwork

Waiting for the school bus, is tougher than waiting for Christmas!

It can be fun for a little bit but mostly it's just down right tedious!
Finally all our waiting paid off and he's home!
He really loved his first day and as he stepped off the bus he told Sarah "I loved everything about it". Later he did tell me that the lunch wasn't big enough so tomorrow he wants to buy school lunch and take a lunch box (he is certain a kid did that today, but I have my doubts). I have really debated weather I should put him in half day or full day and was certain I wanted half day but when I got there for registration I talked to the principal and some other people and decided to try full day with the option to switch if it isn't working, but Porter told me today he LOVES FULL DAY! I honestly don't think he missed me at all. Thank goodness for a great school and a good teacher!


Katy Nelson said...

um....where did Bennett get that blonde hair???

Peggy and Jeff said...

That is the coolest backpack!! Its the beginning of alot of first days...wish we could have been waiting at the bus or been a fly onthe wall at school..what a cute kid and what a great family! We love you guys!

Bonnie said...

You are such a trooper Amanda that must be a hard first day - I'm not looking forward to it. Good luck with the adjustment. :)

Angela said...

Oh no way...I am so dreading this!!!

Kathy said...

Thank you so very much for posting the pictures. I sit here with both eyes tearing up, I wish I could have been there. He looks so cute, and big, and cute, and happy, and cute. I am so glad he got the backpack HE wanted!!

Elaine said...

Thula says, "Good job at school Porter. I miss you." thfyhfdsdfggdffthula