Monday, May 18, 2009

Elmer Update

Only a week and a half left of school left, and we can't wait to have Porter home with us every day!!! I think he will be excited to get to sleep in and spend all day playing with his brother and sister.

Maya finished soccer camp and LOVED it. I never would have guessed she'd like it so much. She has also been quite the little helper around here. I don't know what I'll do next year when she is in kindergarten.

This guy has been trouble as usual. He is now climbing out of his crib which brings on a whole hoard of headachs! He's talking up a storm and loves being the center of attention. He adores his Aunt Sarah (everyone always says he should have been a Harward).

We've been keeping up with our compost pile. Mostly filling it with watermellon rines.

And our most exciting news...We've added to our family (temporarly, we can't take her to Boston with us) Fraidy cat Elmer has been a great pet for the kids. She is super patient and very friendly. All the kids are smitten with her and are hopeing Nana and Grampy will take her when we leave so we can still visit her.
I was looking all over for the cat before bed one night, and couldn't find her anywhere. I finally found her curled up snoozing with Porter. I asked him the next day if he knew she had slept with him and he said "yes but that cat was driving me crazy". She's not a good bed buddy!


Elaine said...

Thula will be so jealous you got a cat-she's been begging me for one. Although I don't know why she wants one she's so afraid of animals!

Anonymous said...

I'll take the cat when you move! SOOOO cute! I bet your kids are in heaven. :)

Lynners said...

You guys have a beautiful family. I love Fraidy-Cat's name! That's so fun!

Sometime you need to do a post with all the cool title pics of your family. It's fun to visit your blog and see whatever brilliant photo will be at the top, but I want to see them again.

Peggy and Jeff said...

Oh I miss those kids!! I can´t wait to see them again...and a cat! Wow that is so fun too bad you can´t take him with you but Malerie would probably take him off your hands!

Jamie said...

Love the cats name.

Good attitude Amanda being excited about Porter being home. I'm kind of dreading school getting out. The noise level is 10 times louder. I'll have to try to change my attitude in the next 5 days.