Sunday, August 30, 2009

More pictures...

We are (always) having problems with our camera, so I am trying to take a ton of pictures before I take it in for repair (I'm just sure it'll be in the shop forever and I'll miss Miles whole infancy, so I'm tolerating less than ideal pictures for the time.)

This is one of Bennett's favorite games called "where Miles go?"

Here is the big guy with his first scratch. We are not really sure if it was self inflicted or if he had help durring a particually rough game of "where Miles go".

Maya has been such a great helper. She loves holding him and can get him to sleep pretty well.

Who would have though such a cute little boy could be so onery.

Happy family sweating their butts off in Palmayra

Once an artist always an artist

"What's supposed to be so fun about this place?"


Kathy said...

I love Love LOVE the pictures of the kids. They are so cute and it makes me miss them even more. Miles is looking more and more like Porter did as a baby. Hopefully Bennett will let him live a long healthy life...... I wish you were all here!

Angela said...

Im glad you posted those pics they are cute! And Bennett is becoming even cuter.

Sarah Harward said...

We miss you guys!! I'm really worried that Bennett will forget how much he loves me by the time we see you guys again!! Please keep reminding him that he loves his Aunt Sarah. That picture of Maya and Miles is just so sweet!!! And I love the last picture. Porter's face is so cute! Keep the updates coming (and go buy a disposable when you send your camera in for repair!)

Jamie said...

Nice game Bennet!

We went to Palmyra soooo many times when we lived in Boston. It makes me kind of homesick for that place just thinking about it.

Hope you're getting used to the laguage over there.

I'm sure you'll soon be "all set"

Nicole said...

Yeah for more pictures! I can't wait to get my hands on little Miles. Miss you guys, feel a little jipped to not have gotten to spend time with you Amanda, but we got a cute baby out of it.