Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Danny Champion Of The World

So we finished reading Danny the Champion of the world and to celebrate we decided we had to have a midnight feast of roasted pheasant.

Here are our little champions of the world preparing the "pheasant" Can you believe Porter was hesitant to touch it at first? Maya just dived right in.

Here is another little champion dying to help. He talked about chicken for the rest of the day.

Here we are continuing the preparations.
Here is the bird before being shoved ever so carefully into the crock pot to cook all day (it's great to come home from church to an ready dinner)
And here we are enjoying the midnight feast. I voted that Caseys "Chips" (french fries) won the prize for best dish, Casey voted that the "Pheasant" was best, Porter voted for the "Sweet potatoes", Maya was rather fond of the "Pheasant", and I think Bennett liked the Juice best.
Funny story about the sweet potatoes - we have this every year at Thanksgiving and it is my absolute favorite things. Porter really loves them too, and as he was chowing down talking about how good they were Casey said "Do you know where Mom got this recipe?" Porter said no and Casey said "Who do you think gave this recipe to mom? It's the best ol gal ever..." And Porter yelled out "Sarah" (sorry Sarah I guess he thinks of you as an ol gal)


Katy Nelson said...

haha...that is funny about Sarah, the best ol gal ever.

So, is that really a pheasant, or is it chicken? I assume it's chicken because you always said 'phesant'.

Sarah Harward said...

I don't mind being an ol' gal, as long as I'm the BEST ol' gal!! I sure do miss you guys!!! Give all the kids a big kiss from me!!

Kathy said...

Porter, I thought I was the best ole gal. Don't forget your Nana just because you are in Boston!!

Sierra Parke said...

You guys are soooooo creative! I love the fun family activities you guys do after you read a book together.

James Porter said...

Man! That midnight feast looks delicious! My midnight feast tonight was a glass of cold cherry koolaide and some carrots. Haha... I wonder what the kids favorite dish in my midnight feast would be? I got your voicemail, Amanda. Sorry I haven't called you back. I've bene sicker than a dog. Hope to talk to you soon! Love you!

Lynners said...

You are so brave! Good on ya for involving your family so much.

Searls Stuff said...

I love making text to self connections with my class. What a valuable learning experience!