Sunday, May 29, 2011

Enders Baby Blessing

On Sunday the 22nd we blessed baby Ender in church. Casey blessed him and Grampy, Tim, Brad, and Steven stood in the circle. Casey gave him a beautiful blessing in which Ender was told he had chosen to come to our family and he would be a missionary to his friends even before being called as a missionary. I wish I could remember more of his blessing but his siblings were being distracting (whats new). Even at that just know you are loved a bunch Ender! My sister in law Jessica was brave enough to attempt to photograph our family and given the conditions the pic turned out really well.


Kathy said...

Bennett and Miles look so serious. I love you guys and really miss you. Hannah even said she misses the kids. We will have to meet up sometime soon :)

Elaine said...

I love Maya's dress! She's a burst of color and sunshine in a sea of boys. :-)

HoffmanFamily2 said...

Such a good lookin' family!!! Miss you guys!!!!