Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chief Leather Lips

The other day we decided to do something fun as a family so we roamed around and finally decided to go to the zoo, but on the way to the zoo Casey spotted this really cool stone face statue, so we decided to investigate.

It turned out to be this really fun park area. There was a little creek and a play structure. We had a great time playing. Porter wanted to throw the football non-stop, and Maya checked out all the cool natural play areas, and Bennett and Miles had a blast playing on the playground.

This is when Casey tried to make up to Miles after scaring him to death by pretending to dunk him into the creek. Look at his poor scared face.

This is Bennett's proud face. He loves that he can slide down the fireman pole. He thinks he's pretty awesome.

Casey caught the kids a frog. He was a really cool frog with super long legs.

Ender stood guard over Bennett's satchel.

Maya the baby Jaguar

And this is the cool statue of Chief Leather Lips. What a fun place to stumble upon.


Kathy said...

Okay, at first I was thinking about how very short Maya's shorts were in the first pictures and wondering what you were thinking! Then when I saw the last pictures I realized they were longer pants she had hiked up. That was funny. I love you all (maybe Chief Leather Lips will love me like that Mr. Hot guy in Philly :)