Thursday, January 26, 2012

Broken camera and a few random stories...

 I swear I have more camera problems than anyone I know.  Once again our camera is being quirky but my hubby decided to spoil me rotten for my birthday and got me an iPAD!!!  So these pictures are all courtsey of the iPad.  A few weeks ago I was at a presidency meeting for primary and someone commented on my Ugg boots and I said "Oh, my dad got them for me.  He's the only one who spoiles me."  Now I guess I have to take it back because Casey has been totally pampering me.  He also got me a new purse and lots of fun stuff to fill it, a new watch (this is a BIG DEAL), and he made me a cake (also a big deal because I've been dieting for like a month), he also had the kids make me coupons (Porter's was to clean the toy room every day for a week (WOW), Maya's was to "not touch my iPad without asking" and  Bennett's was for "One really good snuggle").  I have to admit when I first learned about iPads I though they were a pretty silly invention but I'm totally hooked. 
 Typically when Miles wakes up in the morning he knocks on the door and calls for Daddy.  This morning he was crying so I went in to check on him and he was in his bed with his head covered just crying.  I walked over and pulled the cover down and when he saw me he pointed to a pair of pants on the floor and said "LOOK".  I looked and said "What is it?".  Then he said "It's a monkey!"  I told him it wasn't a monkey it was pants then I asked him if he was scared and he said he was so I tuned on the light and showed him it was just a pair of pants.  Then he wanted his curious George stuffed animal so Maya got it for him and he cuddled it for a minute then he asked for his George warmie and his George blanket.  It was so funny because he was scared about a monkey but he wanted his Curious George stuff to comfort him, and he is usually not scared of anything.  What a little goofball.
 Maya is the roller skating lunatic.  She has her roller skates on non stop.  I think we need a basement with a concrete floor in our next house.  She also a bit of a book worm.  I love finding her curled up with a book just reading.  I've even caught her reading when the TV is turned on which is saying something because Maya LOVES TV. 
 Porter is in Basketball right now and really seems to be loving it.  His team has yet to win a game, but that doesn't dampen his spirits (one of his goals this year is to win a basketball game).  Funny story about the first basketball practice the coach had the boys practice lay-ups and Porter (having never done a lay-up) had in his mind that you should toss the ball into the air and then pump you knee into the air and with your knee bump the ball into the basket.  I'm sure you can imagine what a hilarious sight it was to see him attempt this maneuver.  He was a great sport about it.  One of his teammates was just cracking up and Porter laughed right along with him, but after the practice he said "I didn't know basketball was so hard, I don't think I want to do the practices anymore".  Luckily for us he kept at it and now loves going to the practices and games (even though he still feels confused some of the time).
 Poor Ender has been sick for over two months now.  He just keeps getting one ear infection after another.  He was on 4 different antibiotics (and got a bad diaper rash with each) then the doctor said the only other thing they could do was to give him antibiotic injections every day for three days.  So we went into the office every day and he got a shot in each of his little chubby baby legs three days in a row.  He seemed to get better but she set up an appointment for him to see the ENT just in case and by the time we went in for that appointment his ears were infected again so he is scheduled to get ear tubes next week.  I was really nervous about the ear tubes.  I had a lot of bad information and was pretty adamant he would grow out of it, but after talking with other moms and the doctors I feel much more hopeful.  I'm just tired of seeing the little guy so miserable.  Lucky for me he is such a good baby, even when he's sick. 

Bennett loves piles of laundry (clean or dirty).  Anytime there is a pile of laundry on the floor he burrows in it like a little hamster.  After we got back from Christmas we had a large pile of laundry on our bedroom floor and Bennett kept calling it his 'Island', and he was really upset when we got around to putting all the clothes away.


Sarah Harward said...

Cute pictures!!! And by the way, tell Casey he's about 26 days late for a new blog header for 2012!

Larry said...

I'm not sure that iPads are good:)

Searls Stuff said...

Oh no! Your photographs are always so beautiful. Of course, it helps that your beautiful kids are in most of them.

Elaine said...

Maya is so pretty! I love all her dark hair. You guys are such a fun family. Miss ya!