Monday, September 9, 2013

One of those days that make you wonder how other see you...

These may not seem as embarrassing in print, but I swear they sure felt embarrassing!  My mom and sister (in an effort to make me feel better) tell me they have instances like these all the time, but I have my doubts.  As I recounted my embarrassing day to Casey he said "I'm sure things like this just make you more endearing to others."  Then he asked "Who do you think doesn't do things like this?" to which I replied "EVERYONE.  I can't imagine ANYONE else being less "with it" than me!".

I swear this pregnancy is making me certifiably INSANE!!!  I forget everything, say things I shouldn't, look at people blankly because it takes me forever to formulate responses, and worse of all I'm afraid I'm getting a permanent reputation as and airhead. 
  For some reason yesterday seemed to be the tipping point where it became undeniable that there are most definitely some screws loose.  The first embarrassing moment wasn't really my fault, but as I was getting ready for church I had to use the bathroom and because It was the bathroom in my bedroom I didn't bother with shutting the door.  A few moments later Miles comes walking in with an iPad.  I didn't think too much about it until I realized he was face timing someone and the camera was aimed in my direction!  I hopped up and snatched the iPad away only to discover it was my Mother-in-Law on the other end.  It was probably around 6:00 her time, so hopefully she was too drowsy to register what was going on.  Still super embarrassing. 
  The day just got better from there.  We all hustled off to church where we wrestled children through a Sacrament Meeting that's theme was the Sabbath day (day of rest and peace my foot).  
  As I was leaving Sacrament Meeting I ran into my Visiting Teacher who had offered to arrange a little get together to celebrate the new baby.  I was supposed to have gotten a guest list to her forever ago, and kept forgetting!  I had to apologize and beg her to still be my friend and not to tell anyone how ditzy I've been about the whole thing. 
  Then I was in charge of teaching Sharing Time in Primary, so I sat waiting for my turn as our music leader played a fun game where the kids got to use their arm as and elephant trunk to lead the music.  Then they practiced a song for the primary program, and then they were going to let a few more kids lead with the elephant trunk.  Unfortunately I didn't pick up on this so I jumped up and started complimenting the kids on how reverent they were being and was preparing to launch into my sharing time when the music leader looked at me and kindly said "I wasn't quite done yet.  Do I still have a few minutes?".  I sheepishly headed back to my chair where I contemplated becoming a hermit and never leaving the house again.  I am my own worse enemy!


emily a. said...

You poor thing... pregnancy just takes a toll BUT the good thing is that anyone whose ever been pregnant knows this and will give you some leadway. Hang in there! How much longer till you are due? Do you have a name yet?