Friday, March 21, 2008

On a lighter note...

Basically I'm sick of looking at that mouse picture. I'm tempted to go in and erase it. There is something morbidly fascinating about it, but it's really starting to creep me out! We have the maintenance men coming today to bring in "sticky" traps. Hopefully they'll work better. The awful thing about that is that the mouse will probably still be alive when we find it. Yikes. So I decided I'd much rather see pictures of the kids when I sign on so here is one I love of Casey and Bennett.

And I couldn't resist putting this one of Maya enjoying her computer time on. I've finally found a game she loves and is willing to earn stickers (work) for. I had never heard of the website but my friend Sierra told me about it last week and I though "well it's worth a try" and it's been wonderful. I like but it's a little difficult to navigate and they have a wide variety of ability levels where starfall is much more simple. Maya is really loving it (and she is getting better at her letters by doing it)!


Sarah Harward said...

I agree with you on everything in this blog:
That picture of the mouse is morbid.
It creeps me out too.
YIKES is right about finding a mouse alive.
That picture of Casey and Bennett is TOO cute.
And I, too, get frustrated with, because Landon will navigate into something he can't get out of, or the game he wants to play is too hard.
I'm excited to try that stardust site. I'm actually going to put Landon on it right now while I shower. Thanks for sharing!!

Elaine said...

Don't forget to blog about the Aquariam. I want to see the pictures. Have fun while your family is town in too!

Sarah Harward said...

Just because Mom and Dad are there, doesn't mean that you don't have to blog! I'm lonely here in Indiana, at least make me feel apart by blogging!!

Peggy and Jeff said...

I love the kids comments section to your blog they just crack me up especially that Maya what a character! It makes you wonder what she will do when she grows up...maybe a radio or tv personality with her own talk show kind of like Oprah you know she likes to talk about odd things too!