Thursday, March 6, 2008


So guess who is four whopping months old? You got it...Bennett. Who would have thought I'd let the time get away from me so quickly. He's now rolling over (back to belly) and loving life (as long as he's getting attention). He had his four month check up today and weighed in at 15 lbs. 12 oz. (50th percentile) and was in the 90th percentile for height (string bean)! He got 4 shots and didn't even cry (he's amazing). Now if I could only get him sleeping more than two hours at a time I'd be one happy momma!
Here's Maya playing with her tattoos (stickers) and decorating her brothers bandages with flowers and hearts, what a sweetie. She is quite the helper when she wants to be and loves playing. I have a hard time getting her to do much else. Casey found a huge 'thing' (It's like a child gate to keep kids out of the kitchen (X 8) but it makes a huge square like playpen (it was probably used for a pet). That doesn't explain it well, I'll have to take a pic next time we set it up) that Maya love to set up and pretend it's a pony corral, or a pet shop and she picks out parts for each of us. I'm usually "the girl who wants to get a puppy and take it home", Casey is usually "the bad man who catches the puppies when they get out" and Porter is usually another animal friend. Gotta give her points for imagination.
And here's the biggest boy of all. He got his shots for school today, and did very well (although unlike Bennett, he did cry-just a bit-). He's showing off his bandage that Maya fancied up for him. He is loving playing video games, and I'm loving it too because I make them earn 5 stickers, and if they do they get to play for 30 minutes before dad gets home. It's great. My house has been pretty clean all week, and I have quiet time while I make dinner. Casey always comments on it when he gets home from work and I have to say "Porter and Maya did it".


Kathy said...

UGGHHHHHH! I miss those kids so much. I can't believe Bennett only weights 15 pounds.... I thought he'd be up in the mid-twenties by the way he was going at first. Tell Porter I am very proud that he only cried a bit when he got his shot. Also, tell Maya that she can be my doggie anytime. Love you guys

Sarah Harward said...

Cute pictures!! But that's no surprise. With cute kids, you're bound to get cute pictures, right?

Chris & Sarah said...

Wow! Bennett weighs more than Olivia! He is so cute...and so are Porter & Maya. I love reading about things that they say. They are sweet!

Peggy and Jeff said...

Well. Casey only weighed a whopping 18 pounds when he was a year old so Bennett is pretty hefty and oh soooo cute! We sure wish we could hug those guys!