Monday, September 8, 2008

Camera Crazy

I'm going absolutely nuts without my camera! My mom always told me "You should never love anything that can't love you back", and I usually try to heed that advice, but I'm dangerously close to loving that stupid camera. I hate not having it, especially now when my baby is starting to make his first big boy messes.
Due to the previously mentioned delima of having no camera you will have to dust off your imaginations and picture this... I was siting in the living room talking to my sister when Addie (my niece) came in saying 'Bennett eat food' I just assumed she meant he was playing in the pantry and continued my discussion. Well I know what happens when you assume but I don't let that keep me from proving it. A few seconds later I happen to see Bennett's little leg from around the corner and it's covered in a brown powder. And instantly it clicks "OH CRAP HIS GOTTEN INTO THE COCO POWDER." I had just bought a brand new container of coco and somehow he had gotten into it and spilled it all over himself and the pantry. It was a terrible mess to clean up but his little coco face was priceless and he smelled delicious all day.
At leas until the next big mess of the day. A little later I saw Bennett going into the bathroom while I was busy so mentally I say to myself "Oops he's not supposed to play in there I'll get him in just a sec." A second was just long enough for him to get into the toilet and not only grab the contents (he has a sister who is afraid of the sound a flushing toilet makes) but put them into his mouth (don't worry I wouldn't have photographed this mess). What has my baby turned into?


The McFadden's said...

lol, Bennett is so funny! I wish you guys had a camera still so I could see you. :-(

Anyway, I tagged you and Casey! Check out my blog for the details.

Elaine said...

I cannot believe Bennett is getting so big. I still remember him as the baby in the purple wrap!

Nicole said...

I can't believe that Bennett is already big enough to be doing those things. I've missed out on so much, porter's old enough to go to school, mya's old enough to sense when even little people could use a friend. I guess thats what happens when two years go by without seeing each other:(

Kayli said...

Oh the joys. I don't know if I believe you though, because every time I've been with him, he's been sleeping very angelically. :)

I love all the funny stories on the side of your blog. Good times.

Jamie said...

Amanda, I'm sad you don't have a camera too because it means less posts.

That is really funny about Bennett. When they're newly becoming mobile it seems you're (not you I mean every mother) is always at least one step behind. At least it makes for good memories.

Peggy and Jeff said...

I definitely could get a good image from your description Amanda I really don't hink you need a camera I think you should become a writer!!