Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I needed this

I dug deep into the vault and I'm hoping I'm not repeating any pictures.
I'm tired of not seeing my kids when I log onto our page so I'm posting these to make me feel better.
My sister is borrowing my mom's camera and said once she gets her camera back I can borrow my moms so I can't wait for that joyous event.
I guess these picture of the younger version of the ragamuffins will have to do till then.
But I'm mostly trying to avoid planning my joyschool lesson for tomorrow. I have been pretty productive today and the last thing on my list is joyschool and I'm just procrastinating.


Jamie said...

I here you on the joy school lesson. All that coloring and cutting and gathering. That's probably why I only lasted a semester--it could have had something to do with having 6 boys in the group too. Good luck.

Peggy and Jeff said...

Hey I'm happy with whatever pictures you post--they are all great to me and I never get tired of looking at the grandkids--I just wish I could freeze them in time at least until we get home! I hate to admit this but I am getting alittle trunky!!!!