Friday, January 9, 2009

Not a Resolution!

So this is not a new year's resolution, because I really don't like those guys, but it is a much needed update. As our camera has been on hiatus because of lack of AA batteries in the Elmer house, there have been very few pictures taken to catalogue our happenings, and thus, we forget what we have been doing week to week, but I did happen to find these photos of Elmer Family Poncho day, and two pics of Bennett's first birthday. so there you have it.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny. I will mail you some batteries!

Sarah Harward said...

You've been reading too much Junie B. Jones (ie: I really don't like those guys...) I think it should be a new years resolution. Even though I see you guys every day (usually for all day long) I still like it when you update your blog!!

Elaine said...

I agree with the above two comments! And I can't believe how old Bennett looks. He's lost any baby chub that he had.