Monday, January 12, 2009


After picking the kids up from primary on sunday, I was talking to Maya's teacher and she said, "Maya was eating paper in class today."

"Yeah, she also likes to eat chalk too," was my reply.

"Yeah, she sits next to a chalk board in the primary room and i've seen her run her hand along the chalk tray and then lick her hands." she said.

"I know, she's a weirdo."

"Yeah, she is a weirdo."

I stumbled on this video from the summer which only reinforces my daughter's weird eating habits.


emily a. said...

Oh how I miss you guys. Maya really is a quirky girl and I am so interested what she'll be like when she's older.

Elaine said...

Thula was confused! But it only makes the heart grow fonder...:-)

Kathy said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for finally updating. I love the new photo at the top of the page. Casey is so creative!!

Peggy and Jeff said...

Yeahhhhhh for finally updating of course that comes fromsomeone who rarely updates but I am working up to it today in fact...Ilove that nut shell loving Maya what a funny girl...I too wonder what she will dowhen she grows up...I couldn't be a prouder grandma!

Jamie said...

did you know there's a name for that--non food cravings? Its called pika and sometimes it has to do with a deficiency of some sort.

I'm so glad to see Elmer posts. I love the new look of the blog. You guys are so fun. Way to go for being great while Casey didn't have a job for a month. That would be kind of hard.