Friday, June 12, 2009

Camping at Jellystone Park

We've been trying to squeeze a camping trip in for a while now, and we were finally able to go last weekend. It was so great. The kids had a blast and we all enjoyed getting away for a bit. We went to Jellystone Park (Yogie bear was there) in Kentucky and it was so great. It was near Mammoth caves so Casey got to go do a tour of the caves one day, and the campground provided all these great crafts and activities for the kids. The theme for the week was Pirates so we got to make an eyepatch, pirates gold, and go on a treasure hunt.

We rented a golf cart for one of the days we were there and Bennett fell in love with it. He is still asking me to "drive car".

They did a little journal keeping about the experience. I think it is so cute when they concentrate on something educational. It's like I'm tricking them!

Bennett decided the Fire Pit (don't worry it wasn't hot) was a great place to play (of course, it's the one place where he could make the biggest mess in the shortest amount of time).

Porter was having a blast (it's hard to tell with his mister serious face on). It was difficult to get shots of him because he was so busy playing with his cousin Landon.
He did slow down when he heard we were going to have marshmallows. He couldn't wait for the fire to get ready so he dug in and had a few un-roasted.

Maya was a little more patient and had her side kick do the dirty work while she sat and waited.

Sometimes even the most patient campers have to endure difficulties. Lucklie Dad roasted her some good marshmallows and she would just keep hers in the fire untill they melted off the stick and sizzled on the fire logs.

Mr. ON THE GO. Sorry for the blur.

These aren't camping pictures, but Bennett loves playing in the kitty's house, and here they are cuddling together. If only I had as much patience as that cat.


Jamie said...

Amanda, you really inspire me. You're pregnant with your 4th and you went camping. Amazing! Really, I'm totally impressed. Too bad you guys won't be to the EFR so some of your good attitude could rub off on me.

Peggy and Jeff said...

I am going to absolutely die if I don't get my hands on those kids and I are counting the days now!! Don't tell the missionaries that the president is trunky! I know now how it must feel to die and have to watch your kids lives go on from heaven..I know that sounds alittle morbid but I think it is true.

Sierra Parke said...

I loved looking at your pics Amanda! Looks like you guys had a great time camping. We've been meaning to go camping at a place a couple hours from here called Rickets Glen. Have you heard of it? The Spencers have been a few times and love it. You should try and visit it too when you guys are in Boston.