Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Alone

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and got my family ready to go to the airport. The kids were real troopers (so excited to go to the Elmer Family Reunion that they didn't even complain about the absurd hour at which they were being awaken).

Casey said the flight with went well (how many dads would take 3 kids on a long flight alone? Or even if they are willing to do that, how many dads would assume full responsibility for those 3 kids for a whole week? I know HE'S AMAZING)

So now I'm wondering what I should do with myself for the next week. It's so weird having only Fraidy as company. I've never been without my children, and it's surprisingly lonely. Don't get me wrong, the are some absolutely wonderful things about it like

  • When I set something down I know it'll be there till I move it
  • Getting myself ready for church was a snap (I woke up late and still got there on time)
  • When I'm doing the dishes from a meal it's super quick
  • As I'm working in one room there is no fear of what is happening in the next room
  • The project possibilities are endless...

But as always, along with the good comes the bad

  • There was no one to greet me, with coloring pages and hugs, when I left my young women's classroom today
  • The house is so quiet it's creeping me out
  • The cat is kind of driving me nuts
  • I haven't heard little Benny say "momma, grampy, truck" in over 12 hours
  • Casey wasn't here to tell me how great I look as I got ready for church
  • There is no Porter to jingle around the Lego's in the Lego bucket (IT'S JUST TOO QUIET)
  • I haven't been able to catch Maya sucking her thumb
  • I guess most of all I just miss seeing those cute guys...

But for now I'll just be sitting here with my legs crossed, trying to hold this baby in until daddy gets home.


Sierra Parke said...

Wow Amanda! You are one LUCKY woman. I am so jealous!!!! I bet you can't wait to see those little guys when they return.